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Phoenix Theatre: BackstagePASS
	Spring 2019 • Act 12 Scene 6

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The Phoenix's Theatre's production of /*7 Stories*/ has been getting 
wonderful reviews from local media and an incredible response from 
audiences — so much so that it is *being HELD OVER for anextra 
performance on Sunday, March 24 at 2pm. 
If you haven't seen Morris Panych's contemporary classic comedy yet, 
reviewers are saying this is the version to see!

      *Listen up! *

*Last week's Friday lecture now online*
Listen to last week's lecture with playwright, director, journalist and 
filmmaker Mark Leiren-Young as he talks about the history and 
significance of the first production of */7 Stories /*30 years ago. He 
shares his insights as one of the original theatre reviewers who saw the 
first production as well as interesting behind-the-scenes relevations.

  * Listen to the conversation online now
    (Click on sidebar under Lecture)

      *In the Press: Review Round-Up*

*Showbill Canada: <https://www.facebook.com/ShowbillCanada/>/
<https://www.facebook.com/ShowbillCanada/>/*Kiana Karimkhani (posted 
March 18) */

"...Surrealist comedy with a surrealist set design that you really must 
see <https://www.facebook.com/ShowbillCanada/>/*."

"... /7 Stories/ is simple in premise, but the sharp-witted dialogue and 
philosophical overtones require a certain prowess to execute,/*and the 
Phoenix Theatre peaks with its latest staging*/.

*/<https://www.facebook.com/ShowbillCanada/>/*Before the production even 
begins,/*the grandeur of the set is enough to stir you*/. Director Fran 
Gebhard uses Ken MacDonald’s original set design of a 23-foot tall 
apartment building which extends from below the stage to the sky, so to 
speak, as the backdrop is a brilliant blue overlaid with heavy white 
clouds inspired by the surrealist artist, René Magritte.

Written 30 years ago, Panych’s */dark comedy is as relevant today,/* 
although discussions around mental health have evolved. A play about a 
man contemplating suicide benefits from a lighter but sincere approach, 
and the risible moments soften the tone. The man’s interactions on the 
building’s ledge provide him—and us, by propinquity—/*with new 
perspectives about the meaning of life, and his conclusive exchange with 
an elderly seer is particularly enlightened. */

The scenes are brief... */A tribute to UVic’s Theatre program, the cast 
delivers Panych’s near-perfect dialogue well /*and don’t make the 
excitable misstep of rushing through it—they linger in the comedic 
beats, playing to the audience’s interest."

*Check the Program:* <https://www.facebook.com/checktheprogram>*/**/* 
(posted March 18)
"...very little to argue about in this gorgeously presented production. 

"... there’s a lot to like in Morris Panych’s kooky Canadian comedy 
classic, currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. For one, there’s 
the amazing set; for another, there’s */an amazing performance by 
student Rahat Saini, who pretty much steals the show /*with her 
delightful take on a hundred-year-old South Asian woman...

... this satire still holds up three decades on; indeed, /*some of the 
dialogue seems surprisingly current, given that it was written 
pre-social media.*/ Brightly directed by Fran Gebhard, this is the 
fenestrial equivalent of a slamming-doors comedy: windows pop up and 
down while the cast of 12 interact with the Man on the ledge...

... a great chance to see the show that established Panych as a force to 
be reckoned with in Canadian theatre.... come for the set—an ode not 
only to the original production but also to René Magritte’s surrealist 
art... /*very little to argue about in this gorgeously presented 

*The Martlet 
Brianna Bock (posted March 19) /**/ 

ends their season with a bang... */*/Held over (for good reason)"/*

back for its 30-year anniversary, the Phoenix Theatre’s production of /7 
Stories/ not only lives up to the legacy, but puts on a great 
performance in their own right. The black comedy satire */is packed with 
a lot of laughs in between the philosophizing /*about the meaning of 
life and death from seven different perspectives.

The world of /7 Stories/ feels like it takes place across time... 
choices [that] simply add to the strange logic and surrealist tone of 
the play, especially at the end. Even when things get serious, there’s a 
playful wink and nudge that leaves both a fun and thoughtful mood.

The actors, meanwhile, */successfully manage in towing the line between 
comedy and solemness,/* striking that perfect balance for dark comedy 
that Morris Panych is known for. ...*/even the smallest role is packed 
with strong characterization and a whole lot of laughs/*. By the end, 
it’s hard to pick a favourite amongst the cast."

*Nexus Newspaper: 
by Emily Welch (posted March 15, 2019)

*/"7 Stories/ Leaps into Greatness" 

"... /7 Stories/ hits all of the right spots. I had heard it was funny, 
and as it was written 30 years ago,/*it’s full of the wicked jokes that 
today’s political correctness backs away from.*/ That doesn’t mean it is 
offensive—not at all, actually. */It’s gutsy and willing to take risks, 
and it smiles through them. /*//

/7 Stories/ takes place, yes, seven stories up,*/in one of the most 
jaw-dropping sets I have ever seen/*. Designed by award-winning set 
designer Ken MacDonald, the set is a mixture of interactive architecture 
and brilliant lighting. //

/Stories/’ ledge-teetering protagonist... The Man... Lyle 
Hendriks...plays his part with conviction;*/I felt the emotions he was 
feeling and/*//*/wanted to tell him it will all be okay./*

Aidan Guerreiro steps into the shoes of the under-slept and volatile 
psychiatrist, and Tallas Munro and Taryn Yoneda play Rodney and 
Charlotte, the couple everyone hates, thriving on their own drama of 
brutal fighting and passionate make-ups. Rahat Saini...is cast as the 
elderly seer Lillian, who is the last person The Man meets in his 
adventure.*/She shines with humour and compassion/*, playing her role 
with as much of an impact as The Man’s final decision.

With its amazing set, marvelous actors, and evocative story that speaks 
so clearly to the human condition,*/ 7 Stories is an experience that 
will stay with you for a very long time./*"


Play photos byDean Kalyan <https://www.facebook.com/checktheprogram>. To 
see more photos visit the 7 Stories photo album 
on our Facebook page.

*Other media stories and videos:*

  * */7 Stories at UVic grabs viewers on many levels

    Times Colonist, March 14
  * */UVic production of 7 Stories features original 23 foot tall set
    Monday Magazine/Victoria News, March 3
  * CTV Vancouver Island News
    March 13 (Video starts at 39:55)
  * *Behind the Scenes with the 7 Stories *
    A series of short, fun video interviews with the cast (via YouTube)


      Upcoming Phoenix Events:

14 – 24, 2019
HELD OVER! Extra show added
**Sunday, March 24 at 2pm
*Written by Morris Panych

Director Fran Gebhard
Set Design Ken MacDonald
Design Adaptation Conor Farrell
Costume Design Bryce Butkiewicz
Lighting Design Harry Zhe Lin
Sound Design Olivia Wheeler
Stage Manager Kelsey Ward *

*Fast-paced and full of eccentric characters, this dark comedy takes 
place on the seventh-storey window ledge building where a man is 
contemplating jumping. Endlessly interrupted by a variety of quirky 
building residents, he becomes drawn into the absurdity of their daily 
lives. So self-absorbed are his neighbours, that no one even bothers to 
ask why he’s out there! This quick-witted, sophisticated satire will 
have you philosophizing about life and death, right up to its 
existential conclusion. Written by the award-winning Canadian playwright 
Morris Panych 30 years ago this year, /7 Stories/ is the winner of six 
Jessie Awards, including Outstanding Original Play. *

*BOX OFFICE: Call 250-721-8000 *
Tickets for holdover show: all seats $26
All other performances as SOLD OUT. Ask about standby tickets for last 
minute available seating on sold out nights.


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