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Phoenix Theatre: BackstagePASS
	Winter 2019 • Act 12 Scene 4

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    */Trojan Women takes us back to the
    war that begat all wars/*

/By John Threlfall/

It’s an ironic contradiction of the human condition that the only thing 
as timeless as war is our simultaneous desire for peace. Sadly, this 
makes Phoenix Theatre’s mainstage production of */Trojan Women/* as 
current as when it was first performed in 415 BCE.

/“The play is as relevant as this morning’s Twitter feed,”/ says 
director and Department of Theatre professor Jan Wood. /“Turn on the 
news and you’ll find another instance of Trojan Women being played out 
in the world.”/

Running from February 14 to 23, Euripides’ tragedy and classic anti-war 
play follows the perspective of the wives, mothers and daughters of the 
defeated Trojan warriors as they struggle with grief, uncertainty and, 
ultimately, courage while their fates are decided by the conquering 

/“I like to think art has the power to change things, but this play 
proves that it hasn’t,”/ admits Wood. /“If we’re not learning the lesson 
that war is bad, then it must be teaching us how remarkable our ability 
to survive is.” /

Apart from Wood and movement director Treena Stubel, who is both a 
Phoenix alumna and current instructor with Theatre, this production of 
/*Trojan Women*/ is firmly in the hands of the next generation of 
theatre artists, thanks to the 27-person all-student team of cast, crew 
and designers.

/“They know what’s happening in the world. They’ve seen the images and 
they’ve incorporated the power of that loss into the piece,”/ says the 
director. /“Young people today are at the forefront of enacting real 
change in the world. Our survival depends upon it.” /

Wood feels the intentionally timeless war-torn set and costume design 
helps the nearly 2,500-year-old play feel current for today’s audiences. 
/“When I see those boatloads of Syrians coming onto the shore, I think 
about refugees wandering with no destination, being forced out by war,” 
/she says.

/“One of the things I’ve tried to do with this production is talk about 
the resilience of the human spirit, and its ability to move forward: how 
do we go on when our families have been devastated? How do we walk 
forward into the future? How do we survive?” /

A performance professor with Theatre since 1996, and an accomplished 
actor and director in her own right—many will recognize Wood from her 
on-stage work at the Belfry, Blue Bridge Theatre, Bard on the Beach or 
the Stratford Festival—this show actually marks Wood’s directorial debut 
at the Phoenix. //

/“I am definitely an actor’s director,” /she says./“I try to create an 
atmosphere where people have the freedom to create and follow their 
instincts. /

/Theatre is a collaborative art form: during rehearsals, the more my 
actors feel comfortable giving, the more I have to work with, and the 
easier my job becomes. After all, that’s why we got into this 
business—because we have instincts, a creative desire and a passion, and 
we need to trust that.” /

Ultimately, however, Wood feels the real impact of Trojan Women 
shouldn’t be felt on the stage. /“As the audience, we bear witness, not 
only to lives lost but to the capacity of humanity to move forward in 
times of great darkness.” /

*PHOTOS:*/Photography for the Phoenix Theatre production of *Trojan 
Women* is by Dean Kalyan <https://deankalyan.com> with thanks./ See more 
photos on our Facebook page 


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14 – 23, 2019
*By Euripides, Translation by Alan Shapiro
Director Jan Wood
Set Design Matthew Wilkerson
Costume Designer Sasha Lazin
Lighting Designer Jaxun Maron
Sound Designer Logan Swain
Movement Director Treena Stubel
Stage Manager Bethany Bendall

A story as ancient as antiquity itself, and as relevant as this 
morning's Twitter feed. Set against the brutal aftermath of the Trojan 
War, this classic Greek anti-war play shifts our focus away from the 
conquerors to tell the story from the perspective of the vanquished 
wives, mothers, and daughters. How can hope prevail while they struggle 
with grief and uncertainty as the victors decide their fate?

BOX OFFICE: Tickets on sale now: $26 Discounts on weekdays & matinees: 
Students $16, Seniors $21. Call 250-721-8000.

*Friday, February 15, 2019 at 7:00pm *
*LECTURE:/Trojan Women: Heroes & their Victims/ 
FREE preshow public lecture
with Dr. Laurel Bowman 
UVic Department of Greek & Roman Studies

In /Trojan Women/, Euripides shows us the consequences of war for 
defenceless non-combatants. The play was first performed during the 
thirty-year war between Athens and Sparta, before a largely military 
Athenian audience. Why did Euripides choose to produce this play, at 
this time, before this audience? How will that audience have reacted to 
the play? And how should we understand it ourselves?

14 – 23, 2019
Preview: March 12
*Written by Morris Panych

Director Fran Gebhard
Set Design Ken MacDonald
Design Adaptation Conor Farrell
Costume Design Bryce Butkiewicz
Lighting Design Harry Zhe Lin
Sound Design Olivia Wheeler
Stage Manager Kelsey Ward *

*Fast-paced and full of eccentric characters, this sophisticated satire 
takes place on the window ledge of a seven-storey building where a man 
is contemplating suicide. Endlessly interrupted by a variety of quirky 
building residents, he becomes drawn into the absurdity of their daily 
lives. So self-absorbed are his neighbours, that no one even bothers to 
ask why he’s out there! This quick-witted, dark comedy will have you 
philosophizing about life and death, right up to its existential 
conclusion. Written by the award-winning Canadian playwright Morris 
Panych 30 years ago this year, /7 Stories/ is the winner of six Jessie 
Awards, including Outstanding Original Play. *

BOX OFFICE: Tickets go on sale March 5: $26 Discounts on weekdays & 
matinees: Students $16, Seniors $21. Call 250-721-8000.

*Friday, February 15, 2019 at 7:00pm *
*LECTURE: Seven Stories about /*7** Stories*/ 
FREE preshow public lecture
with Mark Leiren-Young 
<https://www.uvic.ca/finearts/writing/people/sessionals/profiles/leiren-young-mark.php> Sessional 
UVic Department of Writing

Award-winning Victoria playwright Mark Leiren-Young 
<http://leiren-young.com/> talks about the significance, history and 
secret origins of Morris Panych’s modern masterpiece /7 Stories/ in 
celebration of the play’s 30th anniversary. Mark is currently teaching 
humour writing and TV writing at UVic.


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