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      eNews: Annual Phoenix Fringe round up!

Ever wondered why the UVic's Department of Theatre gets SOOOO excited 
about the annual line up in the Victoria International Fringe Festival 
<http://intrepidtheatre.com/festivals/fringe-festival/>? Year after 
year, this event is a homecoming of sorts for Phoenix alumni that return 
to the town of their Alma Mater. Fringe is an amazing spring board from 
university to the theatre industry for many performers, writers, 
designers, technicians and stage management and it often includes a show 
that was born right here with our Student Alternative Theatre Company 
<https://www.facebook.com/uvicsatco/> (this year it's/Money on the 
Table/). The 2019 Fringe sees almost 50 Phoenixers involved in 14 shows 
(and several Fringe events) See the full list below.

Behind the Scenes: *Phoenix launches 53rd season with Fringe favourite 
and 5X "Best of Fest" winner!

Great theatre always transcends a story’s political, social and economic 
context to speak to the human condition — and this season, the Phoenix 
is exploring ageless plays that continue to speak to today’s world. From 
lighthearted comedy to searing drama, the Department of Theatre 
<https://www.uvic.ca/finearts/theatre/index.php>‘s 2019/20 mainstage 
season <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/mainstage/> is telling stories 
we can use to make sense of the world we live in.**

It all kicks off in the fall with the annual Spotlight on Alumni 
<https://www.uvic.ca/finearts/theatre/alumni/spotlight/index.php>, this 
year featuring *Sam Mullins* <https://samsmullins.com/> (BFA ’08) and 
with several solo monologues entitled: /*Weaksauce and Other Stories*/ 
9-19, 2019). Written and performed by this two-time Canadian Comedy 
Award-winner, Mullins has been described as a “master storyteller” 
(/Winnipeg Free Press/) and the ”Stuart McLean of the millennial 
generation” (/Toronto Star/).

/A Spotlight on Alumni presentation sponsored

/Weaksauce/ is the story of the summer Mullins turned 16 and left home 
to work as a camp counselor . . . only to be blindsided by the first 
great romance of his life. This achingly angsty and tender coming-of-age 
story is a comedy of first times, second chances and third wheels. Now, 
half a lifetime (and an incalculable number of romances) later, Sam will 
also premiere a new story about the bleary-eyed joys of fatherhood that 
continues to bring his unflinching honesty, vulnerability and big laughs 
to this latest work. Add in two short, 10-minute-long story slam 
versions of his other award-winning shows, /Tinfoil Dinosaur /and /The 
Untitled Sam Mullins Project, /and you've got a best hits of Mullin's 
"Best of Fringe"-winning works that /Now Magazine/ called /"Fresh, funny 
and heart-poundingly alive.”/

**Following the Spotlight on Alumni is Shakespeare’s classic /*Othello*/ 
(November 7-23, 2019), presented at the Phoenix Theatre for the first 
time in its 53-year history. Although /Othello/ was written over 400 
years ago, its disturbing portrait of a world infused with racial 
politics, misogynist social structures and treacherous friendships makes 
it feel like it’s been ripped from today’s headlines.

/“Although undoubtedly one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, Othello is 
fascinating to approach in an era where our theatre culture has become 
so intensely interested in the question of diversity,”/ says Theatre 
professor and the play's director *Brian Richmond 
/“As controversial as it is brilliant, my hope is that we will build a 
production that tackles the question of ‘Is Othello a racist play?’ with 
openness and integrity.”/

**In the play, characters Othello and Desdemona are lovers from very 
different worlds: Othello a mighty General from a foreign land; 
Desdemona a beautiful Senator’s daughter. They marry, undeterred by the 
prejudices that surround them. But no sooner are their vows sealed than 
their love is put to the test, as bigotry, envy and jealousy begin to 
pull them apart. Playing on Othello’s insecurities as an outsider in a 
predominantly white society, the charming but envious Iago—an Ensign and 
a trusted advisor—stokes the flames of his commanding officer’s jealous 
nature. In doing so, Iago brings both the lovers, and the world they 
live in, to the point of utter collapse. In its raw emotions and 
ruthless politics, Othello remains an ageless and poignant tragedy.

After the winter break, the Phoenix is back with/*Comic Potential* / 
Alan Ayckbourn (February 13-22, 2020), directed by Theatre professor 
*Conrad Alexandrowicz* 

Considered one of the funniest and most inventive plays by Britain’s 
grandmaster of comedy (perhaps best known for /A Chorus of Disapproval/ 
out of his remarkable 79 plays), this romantic sci-fi satire is set in 
the foreseeable future, when actors are replaced with convincingly 
lifelike robots known as “actoids.” /**

/“Like all of Ayckbourn’s work, this is a finely crafted and very funny 
comedy,” /says Alexandrowicz. /“To imagine a world where human actors 
have been replaced by robots is both a hilarious send-up of the way 
actors are perceived, but also an intriguing proposition: if what actors 
do is to reproduce behavior, why not invent human-like equivalents to do 
it with programmable precision and predictability?"/

/"The proposition is complicated by the fact that the actoid's work is 
both better and worse than humans! They have all these hilarious 
glitches, but it’s the malfunction of one of them that makes her both 
more interesting as an actor who can offer something original to 

//In */Comic Potential, /*Adam is an aspiring young writer who visits a 
TV studio to meet his idol, Chandler, the director of a never-ending 
hospital soap opera who was once a great movie director. On set, Adam 
discovers the charming android Jacie Tripplethree (serial number JCF 
31333) and realizes that the programming glitch that makes her laugh 
hysterically also makes her more human. Adam and Chandler start 
developing a new TV show for Jacie to star in, but the studio executives 
aren’t convinced. Will Adam lose his heart to a robot? Will his show get 
the green light? Will love prevail? In the age of today’s virtual online 
assistants (like our "helpers" Alexa and Siri), this wickedly funny 
satire from 1998 reads like a cautionary tale of the rise of artificial 

**The season closes in March with Lillian Hellman’s classic drama, /*The 
Children’s Hour*/ 
<https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/mainstage/season-2019-20/children/> (March 
12-21, 2020).

Directed by Theatre professor *Peter McGuire,* 
Children’s Hour/ is set at an all-girls boarding school in a small New 
England town in the months preceding WWII.

In */The Children's Hour/*, a vengeful pupil whispers a rumour that the 
school’s headmistresses—lifelong friends Karen and Martha—are having an 
affair. It triggers a devastating chain of consequences, entangling 
their entire school in this toxic story of deceit. At the peril of 
destroying their careers, their relationships, and their lives, Karen 
and Martha courageously risk public shame and fight for the truth to be 

Written in 1934, Hellman’s potent exploration of the power of lies—and 
the culture of fear which allows them to thrive—remains startlingly 
relevant in our era of “fake news” and online deception.

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a season of shows. Chose 3 or 4 show packages for $42.00 or $56.00. 
Plus, subscribing gives you other useful perks like flexible free ticket 
exchanges to other performances and discounts on extra tickets. Fill out 
the online subscription form 
call Sandra at 721-8003 (after September 3) to book.


      Phoenix Phacts: Your guide to Phoenix Fringers!

Whether acting, writing, directing, designing or managing backstage, our 
alumni and students are always an integral part of the Victoria Fringe 
Fest <http://intrepidtheatre.com/festivals/fringe-festival/>! Check out 
the list of this year's Fringe shows involving Phoenixers.


*MONEY ON THE TABLE <https://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/money-on-the-table/>*
BUCKET HEAD PRODUCTIONS <https://www.bucketheadtheatre.com/projects> • 

Written and Produced by alumus Andrew Fraser

Director & Lighting Design: Annie Konstantinov, Producer & Sound 
Designer: Logan Swain,  Costume Designer & Fight Choreographer: Lucien 
Lum, Props: Christian Tervo, Stage Manager: Ashley Richter. Featuring 
performances by Nicholas Atkinson, Nicholas Guerreiro, Julie McGuire and 
Landon Wong.

/How far would you go to get your money back? Probably a question you 
should ask before you find yourself staring at an unconscious stranger 
taped to a chair. One trio of kidnappers is about to find out why in 
this dark comedy of investment, revenge, and terrible people./

COLLECTIVUS THEATRE <https://www.facebook.com/CollectivusT/>

Written by UVic Writing MFA Candidate Ellery Lamm, Directed by alumna 
Anna Marie Anderson

Sound Design: Aaron Smail, Lighting Design: Hina Nishioka, Stage 
Manager: Devon Vecchio. Featuring performances by Arielle Parsons, Emily 
Hay and UVic students Willa Hladun, Isaiah Adachi

/Zoey and Grace find a discarded summer bucket list during two weeks of 
summer detention that includes items like “Lemonade stand” and “Give 2 
blowjobs.” As they check off each item, they uncover difficult truths 
about themselves and the women in their lives. From the creatives of 
2018 Fringe winner, The Fitting Room, comes a celebration of teenage 
girls and a validation of female rage. /

*** <https://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/destiny-usa/>DESTINY, USA 
CONVECTION PRODUCTIONS <http://www.lauraanneharris.com> • SYRACUSE, NY

Created by alumna Laura Anne Harris

/A new show from the creator of the hit fringe show, Pitch Blonde!  When 
Laura moves from Toronto to Syracuse, New York, she wasn’t expecting to 
be residing in Trump’s America. Gaining her first job as a Relay 
operator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, causes her to question if she 
can discover the hidden humanity of the American people./


Created by previous student Evan Roberts

/A hot air balloon mishap leaves Evan stranded alone on a remote, 
uninhabited island with a terrifying companion…his own mind! His 
resourcefulness will be pushed to the limit as he struggles to survive 
thirst, hunger, sunburn, boredom and existential angst, all the while 
remaining fun to hang out with, just in case someone else shows up./

NEVERMORE <https://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/nevermore/>*
HAPAX THEATRE <https://hapaxtheatre.com> • VICTORIA

Featuring current student, Stage Manager Taylor Guidotti

/Edgar Allan Poe lies unconscious in a gutter, dreaming of the women who 
shaped his life. But in the morning, will he wake to dawn or eternal 
darkness? From the creative team behind /The Boy in the Chrysalis /(2018 
Pick-of-the-Fringe Winner), /Nevermore /transforms the works of Poe into 
haunting melodies about love, loss, and gothic longing/


THEATRE <http://www.impulsetheatre.ca> • VICTORIA

Directed by Andrew Barrett

Featuring performances by Chase Hiebert & Rachel Levy.

/In a dark vat, three creatures steeped in tar struggle to create 
themselves. Does their need for validation keep them from being seen? A 
collision of theatre, dance, poetry (and more!), Impulse Theatre’s 
magically visceral “how-to” guide will leave you asking: What does my 
heart really want to say?/


*ANTIGONES* <https://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/antigones/>*

Directed by previous student Luciana Silvestre Fernandes

Assistant Director and Sound design: Olivia Wheeler, Lighting Design: 
Aubrey McNair, Stage Manager: Leah Anthony. (Co-sound Design on original 
production in 2017: Logan Swain). Featuring performances by alumnae 
Hailey Fowler, Shayla Pready and Taryn Yoneda

/A movement adaptation of Sophocles’ classic, /Antigone/, in this piece, 
we turn to the other senses when words are not enough to express our 
truth. Our focus is on the experience of being Antigone; her truth and 
emotional journey as she defies the king to honour her fallen 
brother...knowing it may cost her life./


*THE TROPHY HUNT* <https://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/the-trophy-hunt/>*
<http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/o-come-all-ye-faithful/>*OPEN PIT THEATRE
<http://openp.it/upcoming>• WHITEHORSE, YUKON

Co-Directed by almuna Celine Stubel

/A rolling world premiere being performed in five Canadian cities, The 
Trophy Hunt is a dark comedy exploring who eats who in a world where 
everything is observed, everything a zoo. Three unique characters 
irrevocably affected by the business of Big Game Hunting share their 
stories in a hidden location in Fan Tan Alley. Come on a hunt to stalk 
something wild and dangerous…you just might find it!/


*LUB DUB <https://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/lub-dub/>*

Featuring previous students: KP (Ann-Bernice Thomas), Monica Ogden

/A variety show for the marginalized, angry, unseen. /LUB DUB /is 
unapologetic, political, fiercely entertaining. Centering experiences of 
Black, Filipino, Queer, disabled, low income folks, /LUB DUB /invites 
you to celebrate, collaborate, and smash white supremacy. /“I left 
feeling recharged…I made monkey sounds and put pepper up my nose, but I 
didn’t feel pressured to do it”/**/–/**Apt 613/


*FALSE PROFITS* <https://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/false-profits/>**
RANDOM SAMPLES COLLECTIVE <https://www.jeffleardcomedy.com> • VICTORIA

Created by alumus Jeff Leard
Directed by alumnus James Leard

/“Woe to you, when all men speak well of you, for so their fathers did 
to the false prophets.” (Luke 6:16) “I’m stanky rich. Imma die tryin’ to 
spend this bitch.” (50 Cent) Jeff Leard takes aim at the super rich in 
this brand new capitalist satire./ "5 Stars!" - Edmonton Journal

** <http://www.victoriafringe.com/shows/v3/>*PIPPIN 
St. Michaels University Music Theatre Intensive
<http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/band-geeks/>performed at St. Michaels 
University School <https://www.smus.ca>

Directed by alumnus Cam Culham
Featuring performances by alumni Victor Dolhai & Emily Piggford.

/Multiple Tony award winning Broadway musical Pippin tells the story of 
one young man’s music-filled quest to find the extraordinary at war, in 
love and via other such conquests and adventures, only to discover that 
true happiness is found in those unextraordinary moments of life. This 
production celebrates the 20th anniversary of this youth Musical Theatre 
company. Family friendly. /*

*THE RAGE TRIALS <https://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/the-rage-trials/>*
SKAM YOUNG COMPANY <http://www.skam.ca> • VICTORIA

Written by alumna Emma Leck
Directed by alumna Mikaela Haeusser

Artistic support: Kathleen Greenfield, Artistic Director: Matthew Payne, 
Production Manager: Logan Swain, Stage Manager: Ariel Glidden.

/A random committee of teenagers must decide if anger is beneficial or 
if it should be stricken from human consciousness. Their decision will 
last 100 years. “Whatever Theatre SKAM touches seems to turn to 
theatrical gold.”  – NOW. “Current, confrontational …provocative.” – 
Victoria News. Written by the winner of the 2018. Winnipeg Fringe New 
Play Prize for "Drops in a Broken Fountain".///

*TRAVELTHEATRICS <https://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/traveltheatrics/>*
STANDING ROOM ONLY THEATRE <https://kearabarnes.com> • VICTORIA

Created by alumna Keara Barnes

/1 Woman. 18 Characters. Watch 6 TRUE travel stories enacted from across 
the globe. WINNER Jester’s Cap Award – Calgary Fringe 2016. “A 
remarkable presence on stage”-CBC “I never wanted the show to end. 
Barnes is as astonishing a solo performer as they come” – Two Cents & 
Two Pence “A stage presence like none I have ever seen.” – The Marble 

*FALSTAFF <https://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/falstaff/>*
THEATRE INCONNU <https://www.theatreinconnu.com> • VICTORIA

Created and performed by 3-time alumnus Clayton Jevne

/“Jack” takes us into battles, bedrooms and bars in Clayton Jevne’s 
one-actor adaptation of Robert Nye’s Guardian Prize-winning biographical 
novel. Nye’s anti-hero is a comical yet poignant combination of 
Shakespeare’s self-absorbed buffoon and the actual historic figure of 
Sir John Fastolf (Shakespeare’s original inspiration). /“Amazing… 
wonderful story teller”/ – CBC. /“Masterful… Sympathetic, without losing 
his bawdy edge.”/ – Monday Magazine/


<http://atomicvaudeville.wixsite.com/atomic-vaudeville/about> • VICTORIA

Artisitc Producer alumna Britt Small and Artistic Director previous 
student Jacob Richmond

/Atomic Vaudeville takes over the stage for a special Fringe edition 
Cabaret! AV regulars will be joined by your favourite Fringe artists for 
one unforgettable late night cabaret. AV’s Cabarets are entirely unique, 
pulling from variety show, sketch comedy, burlesque, and musical satire. 
For more than thirteen years, they have been delighting, offending and 
dazzling as an audience favourite in Victoria, producing more than 75 
Cabarets – and going strong!/

*Note: As usual, only Phoenix students (and a couple of previous 
students) , alumni, and other UVic grads, are listed. Kudos to the MANY 
MANY other artists involved!*

*Want more alumni stories?* Check out our Alumni Profiles 
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