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      eNews: Annual Phoenix Fringe round up!

It's almost time for Victoria's International Fringe Festival 
<http://intrepidtheatre.com/festivals/fringe-festival/>and once again 
we're happy to help celebrate this fantastic theatre event. Not only 
does the Fringe bring our community some of the most thought-provoking, 
inspiring — and sometimes downright crazy — theatre, it also serves an 
important testing ground for new works. Likewise, the Department of 
Theatre is a place where new plays and new theatre companies are born. 
Below. we're proud to list the Fringe shows that our students and alumni 
are involved in, some were first created for the Student Alternative 
Theatre Company <https://www.facebook.com/uvicsatco/> (SATCo), others 
presented by alumni-based companies that prove the longstanding bond of 
the friendships created at the Phoenix. There's even a family show with 
several generations of Phoenixers! Take advantage of the talent this 
festival brings to Victoria. And happy Fringing everyone!

      Behind the Scenes: *From Fringe to Air Farce:
      Funny pays off for alumni Chris Wilson *

By John Threlfall 

After a decade on the Fringe circuit, Department of Theatre alumnus 
*Chris Wilson (BFA '08)* has started a new job, a role he describes as 
“a dream come true.”

This summer, Wison is one of two new cast members to join the veteran 
Canadian comedy ensemble Air Farce <http://airfarce.com/#homepage>. As 
well as comedy, he's singing and dancing his way through his debut in 
the Air Farce Canada 150 Special, which aired July 1 on CBC TV.

Best known as one-half of the sketch comedy duoPeter N’ Chris 
<http://peternchris.com> with Peter Carlone (BFA'08), the three-time 
Canadian Comedy Award-winning pair have built a large following in 
Canada and the US. In addition to shows like /Peter N’ Chris Save the 
World, Peter N’ Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel/ 
(performed as the Phoenix Theatre'sSpotlight on Alumni in 2012 
/Peter N’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral, Peter N’ Chris Explore Their 
Bodies, /and/A Peter N’ Chris-tmas Carol/, the team have wowed audiences 
at Just For Laughs, JFL42, The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival (2013, 
2014) and at sketch festivals in Chicago and San Francisco.

Wilson’s Air Farce gig came about as a direct result of his success with 
Carlone. “We were pitching to a panel at Just For Laughs for a Peter N’ 
Chris TV show and Air Farce’s Don Ferguson was on the panel,” he says. 
“They then asked me to audition because they were looking to expand the 
cast. But Peter and I are always working on other projects, and we are 
trying to move into doing more film and TV anyway.”

“It was pretty fun,” he says of the audition process in aTimes Colonist 
“They just sent some scripts from past shows. From there, I just put my 
own take, my own spin on things. That was that.”

While working for a mainstream comedy ensemble like Air Farce may be a 
bit more traditional than his own off-the-cuff comedy stylings, Wilson 
says he’s still got room to improvise. “In the rehearsal process, we’ll 
improvise and riff on lines . . . if they like it, they’ll write it down 
and it’ll be in the next script draft.”

Air Farce has a long and enviable track record in the Canadian comedy 
scene, dating back to 1970 and boasting both a 24-year CBC Radio series 
and a 15-year CBC TV series. Lately, however, the Air Farce has been 
focusing on seasonal specials, like their annual New Year’s show and 
this week’s Canada 150 special.

Wilson and fellow new cast member Isabel Kanaan join the six others in 
the troupe, including founding members Luba Goy and Don Ferguson. And 
considering over two million Canadians watched the Air Farce’s 2016 New 
Year’s special, it’s great exposure for Wilson . . . including with his 
own family.

“It was one of my uncle’s favourite shows, actually, and my dad would 
watch it—it was always on. It’s pretty great to be part of that history 
now. This was one of the first times my parents were, like, ‘Oh wow!’ 
about something I’m doing. Normally I say we’re doing Fringe shows and 
they’re pleased, but this time they were noticeably more excited—‘It’s 

His new role mirrors the direction he and Carlone want to take their 
comedy work with Peter N' Chris. “Our goal is our own television show, 
something we can write, direct, star in and have full creative control 
over — you know, something that will never happen,” he chuckles. “Our 
next major goal is to finish a feature film script we’re working on."

"The Fringe circuit is great and it’ll always be there — it’s a nice 
source of income and, after 10 years, we pretty much know exactly how 
much we’ll make — but we both want to try a different kind of project.”

That being said, both alumni have already been branching out into 
different mediums. Both are writers for CBC Radio’sThe Irrelevant Show 
<http://www.cbc.ca/radio/irrelevantshow> and have appeared on the 
popular comedy site CollegeHumor.com 
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQoi2_xu5tw>, as well as the web series 
White Ninja, and the Leo Award-nominated short film, /Grocery Store 
Action Movie <https://www.facebook.com/grocerystoreactionmovie/>/.

When asked about the influence his Theatre education had on his life — 
beyond meeting classmate Carlone and working on their first seven-minute 
show together as a class assignment — Wilson points to the department’s 
comprehensive approach.

“I’d say it was the multi-disciplinary aspect,” he says. “UVic really 
encourages you to make your own work, whether through SATCo or 
off-campus, and that was invaluable. You meet a lot of UVic alumni on 
the Fringe doing their own work. UVic really encouraged that . . . 
having that support, that network, is one of the most valuable things — 
especially when you’re out of school working and can connect with others.”

Wilson admits he was influenced by the success of fellow Phoenix alumni 
TJ Dawe and Charles Ross. “Seeing Charlie do his One-Man Star Wars was 
amazing — it was pretty much what I wanted to do.”

But it was the influences of both current performance professor Jan Wood 
<https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/faculty/bios/jan_wood.html> and former 
professor Ned Vukovic 
<https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/faculty/bios/ned_vukovic%20.html> to 
which he is most indebted. “I always think about Jan Wood — it was her 
class where you had to create your own show. And I think a lot about 
Ned’s advice: ‘Dare to be boring; don’t try to act so much. You’re more 
interesting just standing there than you think.’ That’s totally true, 
especially with film acting.”

Except, of course, when you have to sing and dance on TV. 



      Phoenix Phacts: Your guide to Phoenix Fringers!

Whether acting, writing, directing, designing or managing backstage, our 
alumni and students are always an integral part of the Victoria Fringe 
Fest <http://intrepidtheatre.com/festivals/fringe-festival/>! Check out 
the list of this year's Fringe shows involving Phoenixers. A special 
shout out to those alum and students working with Intrepid Theatre to 
get this event up, including Technical Assistants*Simon Farrow 
*and*Carolyn Moon*, and Ticket Rocket box office support with *Kristen 
Iversen *and*Kate Loomer*. /*Happy Fringing! */


Directed by Andrew Barrett (BFA '12)

/Ever wondered how to perform the “Assisted Pee Over Water”? Ever 
struggled with a sense of self? Still grieving the death of Jack Dawson? 
Join storyteller Holly Brinkman in “A Woman’s Guide to Peeing Outside 
and Other Adventures…” You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll try not to pee 
your pants./*
<http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/after-the-beep-3/>AFTER THE BEEP 
Pamela Bethel 
Theatre SKAM <http://www.skam.ca> • VICTORIA

Created by Pamela Bethel (BFA '99), Design Consultation by Erin Macklem 
(BFA '98)
Theatre SKAM: Matthew Payne (BFA '93), Andrew Barrett (BFA'12), Kathleen 
Greefield (BFA'05) current students Bridget Roberts, Brendan Agnew, and 
Emma Leck.

/Pamela found cassettes from her very own answering machine she had as a 
teenager during the early 1990’s. Despite the obvious risk of death by 
embarrassment, she’s sharing this archive of adolescence with live 
audiences. Part confessional, part show-and-tell, it’s an exploration of 
awkward times revealed by the recorded voices of BFs, BFFs, a frenemy 
and wrong numbers. Sold out premiere at UNO Fest 2017/

** <http://www.victoriafringe.com/shows/v3/>** 

4 Small Actors with Big Parts <https://www.facebook.com/4smallactors/>

Featuring Matt Lees (BFA ’90), Krista Wallace (BFA ’89), and current 
student Maggie Lees (their daughter), (also joined by their son David 
Lees), with stage manager Molly Mcdowell-Powlowski (current student), 
and script advisor Nicole "Coco" Roberge (BFA '98).

/A family of actors on stage together for the first time: Mum, Dad 
(Phoenix grads), Son (CapU grad) and Daughter (current Phoenix student), 
explore themes of family, friendship, life and death. How does a tight 
knit family stay that way amidst life’s challenges? Pie and beer may be 

BEAVER DREAMS <http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/beaver-dreams/>*
Lost and Found Puppet Co. <http://www.lostandfoundpuppets.comL>• MONTREAL

Featuring Mika Laulainen (BFA '12)

/A schtick you can to sink your teeth into. Winner of 2 and nominated 
for five Montréal Fringe Awards. “Nothing less than brilliant”– Savage 
Clown Montréal. One family. Generation after generation. AND BEAVERS! 
Sharing the same land, the same lake, and the same nightmare depicting 
commercial development threatening their corner of paradise in the 
Laurentians, Quebec. The best dam show! /Click for Facebook event. 

*<http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/cafe-soap-operas/>CAFE SOAP OPERAS 
workingclass theatre 
<https://workingclasstheatre.wixsite.com/cafesoapoperas> • VICTORIA

Created by Tristan Bacon (BFA'14) Directed by Tristan Bacon, Joanne 
James (BFA'14), Emma Hughes (BFA15), Featuring Markus Spodzieja 
(BFA'15), Emma Hughes, and Tristan Bacon.

//After a sold-out run at last year’s Fringe Festival, everyone’s 
favorite coffee-shop sitcom is back with more caffeine, more drama and 
more NERF than ever. Featuring an all-new season of original, sitcom 
length episodes, Cafe Soap Operas! is good to the last drop. Don’t 
forget to tip your Barista!

***<http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/daddy-issues/>DADDY ISSUES 
HUMAN VOLTAGE THEATRE PROJECT <https://www.facebook.com/humanvoltage/> • 

Directed and Created by Colette Habel (BFA '16), with Grace Le (BFA 
'17), and current students SJ Valiquette and Arielle Parsons. Performed 
by Colette Habel, Grace Le, SJ Valiquette and Arielle Parsons. Design by 
Delaney Tesch (BFA '17), with stage management by current students Molly 
McDowell-Powlowski and Siena Shephard, and marketing by Victoria Simpson 
(BFA '17).

/Devised from true stories and memories, Daddy Issues is a collage of 
vintage denim and classic rock that explores the relationships between 
daughters and their fathers. This is for the dads that were always there 
and never there; the dads we chose and those we didn’t; the dads we 
wanted gone, and the dads who left us too soon. /Instagram: 


<http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/the-drowsy-chaperone/>*St. Michaels 
University School*
<http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/band-geeks/>*performed at St. Michaels 
University School <https://www.smus.ca>

Directed by Cam Culham (MFA '03)

/In the spirit of Canada 150, SMUS presents the homegrown, smash hit 
musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, winner of 5 Tony awards on Broadway. New 
York Magazine has called it “the perfect Broadway musical,” as it gently 
pokes fun at the myriad tropes that characterize the musical theatre 
genre. Meet Man in Chair, an eccentric and engaging music theatre 
enthusiastic, as he introduces us to a fictitious 1928 musical. It is an 
affectionate send up of the Jazz Age musical, full of toe-tapping songs 
and colourful characters, from pastry chef gangsters to starlets. /


Created by David MacPherson (BFA '91)

//Melissa Blank and David MacPherson present a loving tribute to George 
Burns and Gracie Allen. “George: Do you like to kiss? Gracie: No. 
George:What do you like? Gracie: Lambchops. George: (To himself) 
Lambchops. George: Could you eat two big lamb chops alone? Gracie: 
Alone? Oh no, not alone, with potatoes I could. George: You could. 
Gracie: Yep.”

PUENTE THEATRE <http://www.puentetheatre.ca> • VICTORIA

Featuring Trevor Hinton (BFA '07)

/A rollicking puppet musical about what happens when the grass really is 
greener on the other side, performed outdoors in a beautiful little park 
by the sea — created by Mercedes Bátiz-Benét (Puente Theatre), Judd 
Palmer (the Old Trout Puppet Workshop) and Brooke Maxwell (composer of 
Ride the Cyclone). Singing goats! What more do you want?/


*INTERSTELLAR ELDER <http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/interstellar-elder/>*
SNAFU DANCE THEATRE <http://www.snafudance.com>• VICTORIA

Co-creators by Kathleen Greenfield (BFA'05), Ingrid Hansen (BFA '09)and 
Britt Small (MFA '04), Featuring Ingrid Hansen, with puppetry coach Mike 
Petersen (previous student 1980-82). SNAFU Dance Theatre began at the 
Phoenix in 2006!

/From Creators of sold-out shows Little Orange Man (5 stars– Vue Weekly) 
and Kitt & Jane (4½ stars – Edmonton Journal). Meet Kitt, fierce lone 
geriatric astronaut adrift in a spaceship carrying cryogenically frozen 
human cargo. Her mission: protect the last of humankind. “Amazingly 
versatile physical comedian with the Best Ending in the History of 
Fringe.” – Montreal Gazette./

*JUKEBOX DRIVE <http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/jukebox-drive/>*
ENIGMATIC EVENTS <www.enigmatic.events/jukeboxdrive> • VICTORIA

Featuring current student Natasha Guerra and Amy Culliford (BFA '14). 
with current student Emily Bamletter as co-director and technical lead).

/With Bon Jovi, they speed away from the scene of a crime; with Sinatra, 
they share their first kiss; with Adele, they spread the ashes of their 
dead friend. With music providing the backdrop, the actors of Jukebox 
Drive take a different improvised road trip each night, with a 
soundtrack influenced by the audience. See Facebook event 
*LOLCOW <http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/lolcow/>
*HAWK MOM PRODUCTIONS <https://www.facebook.com/HawkMomTheatre> • VICTORIA

Created by Robbie Huebner (UVic Writing BFA '14, MFA'16), directed by 
current student Karin Saari, featuring Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes (BFA '17) 
and current students Annie Konstantinova, Taryn Roo Yoneda, and Caitlin 
Holm. With film director Max Johnson (BFA '14), music/sound design by 
Graham Roebuck (BFA '11) amd stage management by Maggie Lees and Emily 

/“lolcow: (lol-kaʊ), n. person whose foolish behavior can be ‘milked’ 
for amusement.” Sheena’s boyfriend, Stan, is a lolcow. As an e-celebrity 
Stan is successful, but Sheena finds herself targeted by online trolls, 
the topic of an invasive podcast. A dark comedy that explores isolation, 
longing, identity, and the thinning line between public and private life 
in an increasingly digitized world./

*PATRONUS THEATRE <https://www.facebook.com/patronustheatrecompany/> • 

Created by previous student Monica Ogden and current student Ann-Bernice 

/Monica vs. The Internet (Tales of a Social Justice Warrior) is an 
honest account of a Filipina feminist on YouTube. Blending storytelling, 
videos, and comments from her own channel, Monica explores the 
implications of words through humor. Created by Monica Ogden, creator of 
Fistful of Feminism, from award-winning Paper Street Theatre, and 
Ann-Bernice Thomas, 2016 Youth Poet Laureate of Victoria./


Guerreiro • VICTORIA

Written by current student Nicholas Guerreiro, directed by current 
student Elizabeth Martin, featuring students Brett Hay, and Anna Watts, 
with design by Delaney Tesch (BFA '17) and Victoria Simpson (BFA'17) and 
current student Matthew Wilkerson and stage mangement by current student 
Siena Shepard.

/We promise it’s not about Christmas. Well, it’s a little bit about 
Christmas. It’s also about a mysterious circular painting, a security 
guard with an angry streak, a foul-mouthed art aficionado with a fake 
name, and a Slovenian nihilist on a secret crusade. It’s about family, 
faith, and non-representational art, and the weird bonds that hold 
people together./

***<http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/six-fine-lines/>SIX FINE LINES
<http://intrepidtheatre.com/shows/six-fine-lines/>*LEVEL-HEADED FRIENDS 
PRODUCTIONS <http://www.mackgordontheatre.com> • VANCOUVER

Created and performed by Mack Gordon (BFA '08)

/Part-gameshow, part-memoir, part-house party, Six Fine Lines is a 
living collage that combines fun and prizes with a story about losing 
the people closest to you. A rolling, heaving, gameshow memoir, Six Fine 
Lines is pop rocks for your head and heart./

*Note: As usual, only Phoenix students and alumni, and other UVic grads, 
are listed. Kudos to the MANY MANY other artists involved!*

      *Other Alumni Events:*


<https://bardonthebeach.org/2017/shylock/#%21/view/overview>*Bard on the 
Beach in Vancouver
September 6-15, 2017

Written byMark Leiren-Young <http://leiren-young.com> (BFA'85)

/Meet Jon Davies, an actor and a Jew, condemned by his own community for 
his portrayal of the Jewish moneylender in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of 
Venice. When the production is cancelled, Davies uses his final 
post-show talkback to raise provocative questions about censorship in 
general and the political correctness of Merchant itself. Shylock was 
first produced in 1996 at Bard and has since been staged around the world./

<http://www.impulsetheatre.ca/peek-fest.html>*Impulse Theatre 
<http://www.impulsetheatre.ca> in VICTORIA
September 22 - 24, 2017

Featuring plays and workshops by Andrew Barrett (BFA '12), Katherine 
Greenfield (BFA'05), Randy Edmundston (BFA '12)/

Impulse Theatre’s PEEK-FEST is a new festival for emerging performing 
artists in Victoria. The festival offers exciting new looks at work in 
development from some of the province’s most innovative creators, while 
seeking to grow the artistic development of local artists through 
showcases and workshops.*

*Want more alumni stories?* Check out our Alumni Profiles 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/alumni/> area of our website. Recognize 
anyone? If you're alumni, please tell us what you've been up to. Submit 
<https://finearts.uvic.ca/forms/phoenixalumnisurvey/biography//> your 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/alumni/> bio online 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/alumni/> and yours could be the next 
alumni profile on our website!


      Upcoming Phoenix Events:

*September 5 – 8, 2017*

September 5
& *UVSS CAMPUS KICK OFF* <https://uvss.ca/cko/>**
September 6-8

Soon, our students will return and our new students will arrive to 
discover UVic for the first time. If you're a new student, attend the 
New Student Orientation day 
on September 8. Check out the great line up of fun campus events and 
concerts the UVSS presents during the first weeks of school, including 
aPancake breakfast, Bands on the Roof, Movie in the Park, a Farmers' 
Market, Clubs & Course Union <https://uvss.ca/campuskickoff/>days.

*Tuesday, September 19 
12:30pm – 2:00pm*
& Mark & Richard III/* 
Free event presented by the
Orion Series in Fine Arts

/Robin & Mark & Richard III /is the story of an unusual collaboration 
between one of Canada’s most influential directors, the late Robin 
Phillips and gifted comedian, Mark McKinney (of /Kids in the Hall, 
Saturday Night Live /and/Slings and Arrows/ fame). Over three years, 
they dive into the mysteries of Shakespeare’s Richard III and discover 
the power of “Shakespearituality”. Afterward the screening, join the 
film's producers and co-directors, Martha Burns and Susan Coyne for a 
Q&A.Check out the film trailer and read artist biographies. 

12 – 21, 2017
**WEST: A tribute to BC Trailblazers
double bill by
Histrionics Theatre Company <https://histrionicstheatre.co>
/A Spotlight on Alumni featuring:/
Danette Boucher (BFA ‘89, MA ‘11)
and James Douglas (BA English ‘ 00)

/Presented by:/
Two solo plays profiling two of our nation’s pioneering spirits. Travel 
with Catherine O’Hare Schubert in /*Lady Overlander*/ for a lively 
first-person account of the legendary woman who – while pregnant! – 
walked from Winnipeg to Kamloops in 1862 with dreams of finding gold and 
a home in a tantalizing new land called British Columbia. Then, join 
charismatic American prospector Fred Marshall Wells in */The Fred Wells 
Show/*. Follow his life, his love of pancakes, and his 1930s discovery 
of the greatest mother load of the Depression-era gold rush. /“If only 
history class had been this much fun... //a stellar performance.” //- 
*BOX OFFICE* opens on October 3. Subscription packages 
for 3 or 4 shows are available now and start at $39.00.

*November 9 – 25, 2017**// 
By Jean Giraudoux
Adapted by Maurice Valency
Directed by Conrad Alexandrowicz

/Welcome to the whimsical world of Countess Aurelia, a flamboyant 
holdover from a less cynical time. She whiles away her days sharing her 
joie de vivre and cryptic wisdom with everyone she encounters until 
corrupt businessmen discover oil beneath her Paris neighbourhood. With 
everything she holds dear suddenly under threat, the Countess is driven 
to unite the artists, vagabonds, oddballs and dreamers of Chaillot to 
fight back. A poetic and comic fable of the triumph of good over evil 
originally written in 1943 during the Nazi occupation of Paris, this 
play has a whole new relevance in our current era of pipelines and 

*BOX OFFICE* opens for this show opens on October 31.Subscription 
for 3 shows, 4 shows are available now and start at $39.00.


//more alumni updates? /*Check out the Alumni Profiles 
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