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Phoenix Theatre: BackstagePASS
	October 2016  • Act 10 Scene 4

      eNews: Week two of the Alumni Festival with TJ Dawe

Wow! That was a fun time with Charles Ross last week! This week, Fringe 
veteran TJ Dawe bares his soul in one of his first solo-shows, */The 
Slipknot/*. Read more below about how far he's come since it was written!

      Behind the Scenes: *
      *Veteran Fringe artist bares his soul to audiences //

After years of success on the Fringe theatre circuit and touring around 
the world, alumnus TJ Dawe <http://tjdawe.ca> brings his one of his 
earlier, and now published plays, back to the Phoenix stage.

/The Slipknot/ has been described as hilarious, hypnotizing and hard. 
Dawe literally "slips" between three monologues – based on three 
horrible jobs he has done in his life – never skipping a beat, with a 
total of 14,000 words following a rapid fire rhythm. Stepping seamlessly 
from one story to the next, he chronicles his time as a stock boy in a 
drugstore, the inexperienced driver of a massive bin hauler, and a 
berated customer service person at Canada Post.

Nothing is too personal for Dawe to share with the audience; from 
relationships, to recreational Gravol, Santa Claus, and why you should 
never put meat in the mail. But although he brings his personal history 
to the stage, and lets you laugh at his mistakes, the life lessons are 
always greater than just his experience and audiences walk away with 
insights about their own life. It is this element of all his shows that 
has made his plays must-see events wherever he tours.

Since /The Slipknot/ was written in 2001, it has become Dawe's most 
performed and purchased play. /“Ironically,” /says Dawe, /“The Slipknot 
has actually made me enough money to get out of the world of horrible 

Many things have changed in Dawe’s life since he wrote /The Slipknot/, 
which also has the honour of being the first Spotlight on Alumni 
presentation at the Phoenix Theatre in 2003. Dawe now has 14 solo, 
auto-biographical shows which he tours to great acclaim around the 
world, earning himself titles such “Fringe Veteran” and “King of the 
Monologue on the Canadian fringe theatre circuit”.

Dawe is not only a performer and writer but he also is also a director. 
He has directed all of *Charles Ross*’*(BFA' 98) *one-man shows, which 
were presented at the Phoenix just the last week. Ross and Dawe were 
close friends during their time at UVic, proving the that the amazing 
friendships you make at university stay with you for life. In this case, 
the friendship extends to the stage as life-long artistic collaborators 

Over the years he has worked with many artists, a number of them also 
Phoenix grads. Dawe comes to Victoria directly from the Firehall Theatre 
in Vancouver where he directed alumna *Nicolle Natrass*' *(BFA '91)* 
play /Mamahood: turn and face the strange 
that has just opened. He is also the director of playwright and author 
*Mark Leiren-Young's (BFA'85)*/Never Shoot a Stampede Queen/, based on 
Mark's Stephen Leacock-winning novel. The solo play featured Phoenix 
grad *Zach Stephenson (BFA'03)*. Recently he co-created /PostSecret: The 
Show <http://firehallartscentre.ca/onstage/postsecret-the-show-2016/>/, 
<http://firehallartscentre.ca/onstage/postsecret-the-show-2016/> a stage 
production based on the popular blog site, PostSecret.com 
<http://postsecret.com> (which was also turned into a book and 
Smithsonian exhibitions) where people can anonymously share personal 
stories that they would never speak aloud. The presentation featured 
other Phoenix alumni *Ming Hudson (BFA'07), Nicolle Nattrass (BFA'91) 
*and* Sam S Mullins* *(BFA'08)*.

The play that has brought Dawe the most fame is a two-hander called 
/Toothpaste and Cigars/ <http://tjdawe.ca>, which was co-written with 
alumnus *Mike Rinaldi (BFA' 96) *and toured in 2003. At the time, the 
pair could never have dreamed that this quirky modern-day love story 
would become a Hollywood movie starring famous Harry Potter actor Daniel 
Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan. Dawe and Rinaldi had sought out Canadian 
filmmakers about a potential little low-budget indie film and Toronto 
screenwriter Elan Mastai picked up the rights. 
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bnz3eL0SXPs>After several attempts the 
momentum was almost lost, until 2010, when Fox Searchlight picked up the 
rights with plans for an A-list cast. Now it was going Hollywood! After 
several cast changes (originally Casey Affleck was cast as the main 
character) and more time on hold, Hollywood director Michael Dowse was 
enlisted and the Daniel Radcliffe/Zoe Kazan cast was confirmed for the 
movie, now renamed*/The F Word / 
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bnz3eL0SXPs>*(click to watch trailer), 
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bnz3eL0SXPs> (or "What If" for American 
movie goers). /"And then it was crazy news when they said Radcliffe was 
onboard," /Rinaldi said. /"Suddenly, with a star like that, there's all 
this interest in distribution. I guess that's how it works,"/ said 
Rinaldi in an interview before the movie was presented at the Toronto 
Film Festival. Since it has garnered excellent reviews, fandom from 
20-somethings around the world, and won the 2014 Canadian Screen Award 
for Adapted Screenplay.

Dawe is looking forward to interacting with the students when he’s back 
at his Alma Mater this week. When asked what lessons he would to pass on 
to current theatre students, Dawe offered some great advice to pass on:

 1. *A great deal of learning is done by osmosis. Go see lots and lots
    of theatre! *See Fringe shows. See Belfry shows. See Inconnu shows.
    See Langham shows. He says, /"It will hugely enrich your
    understanding of what to do, what not to do, what kind of theatre
    you like, etc./ /The more theatre you see, the better you’ll be
    oriented to what kind of theatre you’d like to be a part of. "/
 2. *Take advantage of the free art on campus too! *Free concerts in the
    music department, art shows in the visual arts building, readings in
    the writing department./"It’ll feed your artistic soul," /says Dawe.
 3. *The friendships you make at school can turn into artistic
    partnerships in the professional world*. /The friendships you make
    in the department, the creative jamming that happens with people you
    click with - that’s part of your education too. A big one./ TJ is
    still creating with friends he met at the Phoenix, which /“grew very
    organically out of how much they enjoyed hanging out and jamming on
    ideas and making each other laugh.”/
 4. *Don’t be discouraged.* Rejection doesn’t mean you don’t have
    talent, it doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to make it.
    There are many projects that you create from the ground up. Put on a
    SATCo show. Organize a poetry slam or open mic or improv night or
    sketch show or cabaret. Make your own work. He says

        /"I’ve built a career out of original, self-created theatre,
        something I first did in the classrooms and rehearsal spaces in
        this building. Self-created theatre has gained much more of a
        foothold in the last twenty years. In my student days it barely
        existed. Now it’s thriving.... Maybe some of the students are
        going through what I did as an undergrad. Maybe I’ll light the
        fire for one or two of them. Maybe you’ll be seeing them here in
        twenty years."/

*Interesting Links:*

  * *50th Anniversary website*
    The history of the Department of Theatre and Phoenix Theatre,
    including plays, faculty members and successful alumni. Alumni can
    be added by sending in their own biographies
    <https://finearts.uvic.ca/forms/phoenixalumnisurvey/biography/> to
    be posted.
  * *Anniversary Events and Exhibitions:
    Learn more about exhbitions**and other activities during the year.
  * *Alumni Reunion <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/>*:
    All UVic Theatre alumni are invited to join us November 11-13, 2016
    for a weekend to reconnect. Register online. Share stories and
    photos from the past by posting them to this upload site.


      Upcoming Events:

/Presented by our Anniversary Alumni Partner:

*TJ Dawe: 

*October 18 - 22 @ 8pm
Saturday October 22 @ 2pm. *

    /*"5 STARS!*...[Dawe has] a way of weaving stories together that
    would inspire quiet awe if one weren’t busy laughing so hard.”/ -
    Winnipeg Free Press

    /" If Jerry Seinfeld and George Carlin had a baby, it’d be TJ Dawe.”/

    Writer, performer, director and Fringe veteran, TJ Dawe performs his
    hilarious coming-of-age tale about working in lousy jobs. Hysterical
    yet heartbreaking, he shares his observations and life's lessons
    from his experiences. Dawe regularly performs his 14
    autobiographical solo shows around the world and his play/Toothpaste
    & Cigars/ (written with theatre alumnus Mike Rinaldi), inspired the
    movie/*The F Word <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEIgUfh3IhQ>*/.

*Shannan Calcutt: 
Tongue */ 
*October 25-29 @ 8pm
Saturday October 29 @2pm *

    This Cirque du Soleil artist is usually seen on the stages of
    Zumanity in Las Vegas. She is also known as her alter ego, Izzy the
    Clown, who is the star of this quirky solo show about a clown who’s
    eager to find love – so eager she shows up to her first blind date
    wearing a wedding dress!

*Box Office* now open for all Festival tickets 
<https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/phoenix/tickets/>. Call 250-721-8000. 
Subscription packages 
for 3 shows, 4 shows – or all 8 shows! – start at only $39.00.

*November 10 – 26, 2016* | *PREVIEWS: **Nov 8 & 9*
By Christopher Hampton | Directed by Fran Gebhard
/Presented by our Anniversary Alumni Partner:/


    /*/**/*This award-winning play, adapted into the Oscar-winning film,
    tells a chilling tale of sensual decadence and revenge played among
    the rich and bored French aristocracy as a high-stakes game of life
    and death. When Valmont is challenged to prove his seductive powers,
    an innocent bride-to-be and the virtuous woman are caught in the
    middle. But while sabotaging others’ hearts and reputations, their
    own prove even more fragile./

*Box Office *opens forLes Liaisons Dangereuses tickets 
<https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/phoenix/tickets/> on November 
1.Subscription packages 
for 3 shows, 4 shows – or see all 8 shows! – are available now and start 
at $39.00.

*November 11-13, 2016*
<https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/>**ALUMNI REUNION 

/Presented by our Anniversary Alumni 

    Due to overwhelming demand, we've expanded the events over our 50th
    Anniversary Alumni Reunion. So many Department of Theatre alumni
    (and their families!) are already planning to join us over the long
    weekend. Come connect with five decades of grads, talk to old
    friends and meet new ones! Join us for any or all of the following

      * *Thursday*: 8pm /Les Liaison Dangereuses /
      * *Friday*: 7pm-1am**Mix n' Mingle in the Mac
        <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/>(optional play)
      * *Saturday*: 11am-2:30pm Decade by Decade Phamily Lunch
      * *Saturday*: 4:30pm-12am Social, Dinner, Dance
        <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/> (optional play)
      * *Sunday*: 11am/12pmPhoenix Phamily Phun Run/Walk
        <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/> followed by
        Farewell Brunch <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/>

    With amazing support from our sponsors, /iA Financial Group
    <http://www.solutionsinsurance.com/uvic>/and the UVic Alumni
    Association <http://www.uvic.ca/alumni/>, we’ve kept the prices
    incredibly low. We want as many people as possible to attend.
    Alumni, faculty, staff and their guests *should register online
    as the prices go up again on November 1.


      Phoenix Phacts: Alumni Shows not to miss...

*Theatre SKAM <http://www.skam.ca>*is presenting a new play written by 
founding member, Artistic Producer and alumnus *Matthew Payne (BFA ’96) 
/Shop Talk/ explores sexual politics in the work place, combining the 
nonchalance and arrogance of carpenters, along with the worst jokes of 
the Internet. /Shop Talk/ runs from October 12 – 23 and is directed by 
alumna *Chelsea Haberlin (BFA ’07)* 
one of several Phoenix alumni who founded ITSAZOO Productions 
<http://itsazoo.org> in Vancouver. Others involved include alumni 
*Connie McConnell (BFA ’92)*, *Patricia Reilly (BFA ’11), Jennifer Ault 
(BFA ’01, MFA ’14), Sarah Cashin (BFA’15), Brian Culp (BFA ’09), Carolyn 
Moon (BFA ’16) *and current students *Grace Le,* and *Amelia 
Petscheleit*. Check out the current review by Janis La Couvee. 

Nattrass (BFA'91)* continues to amaze with her one-woman shows. 
Nicolle’s most recent work,/Mamahood: turn and face the strange 
be presented at the Firehall Arts Centre from October 18 to 29. Written 
and performed by Nicolle, this “trip to Planet Motherhood” is also 
directed by alumnus *TJ Dawe (BFA ’97)*.

St. Luke's Players <http://stlukesplayers.org/amurderisannounced.html> 
production of /A Murder is Announced/ features the set design by 
fourth-year design student *Barbara Clerihue*. According to a recent 
review, she has "created a faithful representation of an English drawing 
room, filled to overflowing." Barbara is currently designing the set for 
our upcoming production of /Les Liaisons Dangereuses/ 
in November. Also in the production is recent alumna *Euphemia MacMurphy 
(BFA'16)* as Julia. The production continues until October 23.

<http://whonstage.weebly.com>Also continuing this month, is the 
co-production of /Sleeping Giants /by William Head on Stage (WHOs) 
<http://whonstage.weebly.com> and SNAFU Theatre <Sleeping%20Giants>. 
Directed by alumna Kathleen Greenfield (BFA'05), /Sleeping Giants/ is a 
play about what happens when the world stops dreaming. The show began 
inspired by such stories as A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Rip Van 
Winkle, and soon grew and evolved into a wholly original piece with 
music, costumes, lighting, set and props--all designed and built by the 
inmate team. Read more in a Times Colonist interview 
with Kathleen or a review here. 


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on extra tickets. Fill out the online subscription form 
call Sandra at 250-721-8003 to book.


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