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Phoenix Theatre: BackstagePASS
	October 2016  • Act 10 Scene 3

      eNews: Ready, Set... Celebrate!

We're getting really excited for our 50th Anniversary and all the alumni 
that will be returning this fall... on our stages – including *Charles 
Ross' One-Man Marathon* that launches our Alumni Festival this week – 
and for our alumni reunion in November!

      Behind the Scenes: *
      *One-Man "globe-trotting" and "shining star" returns to UVic to
      shine on next generation.

In 2001,*Charles Ross *wrote his own ticket to travel the world. Since 
then, he has created two more – he just calls them block-buster one-man 

A hilarious homage to the original three Lucasfilm movies, Charles Ross' 
One-Man Star Wars Trilogy has been performed across the globe, from 
London’s West End, Off-Broadway and the Sydney Opera House. He has 
toured almost every continent, across the US, to Singapore, New Zealand 
and Dubai. He has even performed for George Lucas himself at a Lucasfilm 
Star Wars convention! This week he returns from an 18-city tour of the 
UK (including the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival) to be one of three 
special invited artists at the *Phoenix Theatre’s 50th Anniversary 
Alumni Festival. *

While Ross says it's an honour to be asked to perform for his Alma Mater 
UVic, he laughs that he almost didn't get into the theatre program over 
20 years ago. In a recent interview with the Times Colonist 
he explains: he had moved from Nelson to Victoria before learning that, 
because he applied late, the program was already full. /“I was 
devastated,”/ he said, so devastated that he went to the department to 
plead his case.  He thought, /“Yes, I’m going to make an ass of myself. 
But I’m going to do it anyway…. I told them: ‘Oh God please, if 
something comes up, can you give me a bit more consideration? I’m an 
idiot. I’ve already moved down here.’”/  After a “completely bummed out” 
summer on the wait list, he learned only two weeks before classes that 
he was in! About taking his future into his hands for the first time, he 
says /“I feel like a made man.”/ A few years after graduating in 1998, 
he would do it again.

The origin story of the *One-Man Star Wars Trilogy *show also has ties 
to the Department of Theatre. Ross was playing Frisbee with alumnus *TJ 
Dawe (BFA'97),* who he met while at the Phoenix, when the idea of 
reenacting the Star Wars movies was proposed. Both had a love for the 
original movies, now referred to as Episodes 4, 5 and 6. Ross tells the 
story of growing up in small-town BC without cable television and 
watching his Star Wars VHS tapes till they were worn thin. Ross and Dawe 
sat down to write the play, and began rehearsing it, with Dawe 
directing. Dawe has an experienced eye and is /“someone you can 
(cheerfully) argue with”/, Ross said.

Over the past 15 years, the play has only gotten better, with Ross 
playing lightning-fast character changes. With a quick turn or a 
side-step, he slips easily from the voices of Luke and Princess Leia, to 
Yoda, Chewbacca or the animated beeps of R2D2. Throw in all the sound 
effects, be it light sabers or the explosion of the Death Star, and 
suddenly the stage has transformed into a galaxy far, far away. /“To my 
mind there was nothing more absurd than seeing a man on stage wearing 
black clothing trying to be everything out of Star Wars. It's like 
watching an eight-year-old child, except it's a fully grown man,"/ said 
Ross when interviewed by the UK news site BigIssue.com. 

//Two years later he started on his next challenge, one that he still 
finds his most exhausting show to perform – the/*One-Man Lord of the 
Rings Trilogy*/. This play follows the original JRR Tolkien books with 
Frodo Baggins and friends as they carry the one ring across Middle-earth 
to confront orcs, goblins, wraiths, and Sauron's other forces of 
evil./"The hardest part is falling a lot on my arms, shoulders and 
knees," says Ross to BigIssue.com. "Lord of the Rings has a lot more 
falling and a lot more brutal, violent death, creatures and orcs, and 
it's very fast. But I've got it under control, I'm not hurting myself,"/ 
he insists. The show has also become a block-buster, being performed 
across the globe, and has even lead to Ross meeting Sir Ian McKellen in 

Most recently Ross has channeled his love of superheroes into his newest 
one-man show: /*One-Man Dark Knight: A Batman Parody*/. Again working 
with TJ Dawe as a director, Ross also consulted with another Phoenix 
alumni who is a Batman aficionado, Ian Case (who is also the Director of 
the Farquhar Auditorium at UVic). The play follows the major plot 
developments across Christopher Nolan's trilogy of movies,*Batman Begins 
*(2005), *The Dark Knight* (2008) and *The Dark Knight Rises *(2012). 
The brooding and conflicted Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) offers plenty of 
humour when parodied and played against his arch-nemesis The Joker.

If you feel you have to be a super fan of the movies to understand what 
Charles Ross does on stage, he says not to worry. There are some people 
who have never seen Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. /"I could 
conceivably be their introduction to it,"/ he shared with BigIssue.com. 
One night in Edinburgh there was a young couple that had seen 
practically no movies, much less Peter Jackson's 12-hour mammoth Tolkien 
trilogy. /"But that couple came to the show out of youthful curiosity, 
they weren't daunted by the fact they haven't seen it."/

For the fans, it can also offer a different approach to the stories they 
love. /"I'm hoping that taking something so high-tech and breaking it 
into so many components, that fans will take something new away from it."/

Some fans take it to new heights, including the fantastic story of 
Richard, a man with a Storm Trooper outfit. /"Richard works for the 
British rail system and he makes really good money, a really normal 
kinda guy, but he decided he wanted to tour with me in the UK. He did 
three different tours, and probably attended 120 or more shows in 
costume. Richard was like having my own personal storm trooper who was 
with me all the time!"/

He greatly appreciates the fans. /"In a way, when you celebrate the love 
of something like this together it's no different than if you've been to 
a science-fiction convention, it's like a religious revival, everybody 
is worshipping the same thing,"/ he said to BigIssue.com.

/“Today, being a nerd is a good thing,”/ says Ross.

He’s excited to be presenting his work to the next generation of UVic 
Theatre students and while here for the Alumni Festival, he will be 
doing workshops and classroom visits.

*Interesting Links:*

  * *50th Anniversary website*
    The history of the Department of Theatre and Phoenix Theatre,
    including plays, faculty members and successful alumni. Alumni can
    be added by sending in their own biographies
    <https://finearts.uvic.ca/forms/phoenixalumnisurvey/biography/> to
    be posted.
  * *Anniversary Events and Exhibitions:
    Learn more about exhbitions**and other activities during the year.
  * *Alumni Reunion <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/>*:
    All UVic Theatre alumni are invited to join us November 11-13, 2016
    for a weekend to reconnect. Register online. Share stories and
    photos from the past by posting them to this upload site.


      Upcoming Events:

*October 11 – 29, 2016
/Presented by our Anniversary Alumni Partner:

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary we've invited three special alumni to 
return to the stages of the Phoenix to present a total of 5 different 
shows over 21 performances!

*Charles Ross 
*One-Man Marathon 
October 11-17

    Best known for his /One-Man Star Wars Trilogy,/ Ross will present
    ALL of his one-man nerd trilogies in a One-Man Marathon of:

      * */Lord of the Rings/* (Oct. 11-13)
      * */Star Wars* Trilogy /*(Oct. 14 -15)
      * */Dark Knight: A Batman Parody /*(Oct. 16 -17)

*TJ Dawe: 

October 18 - 22

    Writer, performer, director and Fringe veteran, TJ Dawe performs his
    hilarious coming-of-age tale about working in lousy jobs. Hysterical
    yet heartbreaking, he shares his observations and life's lessons
    from his experiences. Dawe regularly performs his 14
    autobiographical solo shows around the world and his play/Toothpaste
    & Cigars/ (written with theatre alumnus Mike Rinaldi), inspired the
    movie/*The F Word <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEIgUfh3IhQ>*/.

*Shannan Calcutt: 
Tongue */ 

    This Cirque du Soleil artist is usually seen on the stages of
    Zumanity in Las Vegas. She is also known as her alter ego, Izzy the
    Clown, who is the star of this quirky solo show about a clown who’s
    eager to find love – so eager she shows up to her first blind date
    wearing a wedding dress!

*Box Office* now open for all Festival tickets 
<https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/phoenix/tickets/>. Call 250-721-8000. 
Subscription packages 
for 3 shows, 4 shows – or all 8 shows! – start at only $39.00.

10 – 26, 2015*
*PREVIEWS: Nov 8 & 9*
By Christopher Hampton
Directed by Fran Gebhard

/Presented by our
Anniversary Alumni Partner:/<http://www.solutionsinsurance.com/uvic>

    /This award-winning play, adapted into the Oscar-winning film, tells
    a chilling tale of sensual decadence and revenge played among the
    rich and bored French aristocracy as a high-stakes game of life and
    death. When Valmont is challenged to prove his seductive powers, an
    innocent bride-to-be and the virtuous woman are caught in the
    middle. But while sabotaging others’ hearts and reputations, their
    own prove even more fragile./

*Box Office *opens forLes Liaisons Dangereuses tickets 
<https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/phoenix/tickets/> on November 
1.Subscription packages 
for 3 shows, 4 shows – or see all 8 shows! – are available now and start 
at $39.00.

*November 11-13, 2016*
<https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/>**ALUMNI REUNION 

/Presented by our Anniversary Alumni 

    Due to overwhelming demand, we've expanded the events over our 50th
    Anniversary Alumni Reunion. So many Department of Theatre alumni
    (and their families!) are already planning to join us over the long
    weekend. Come connect with five decades of grads, talk to old
    friends and meet new ones! Join us for any or all of the following

      * *Thursday*: 8pm /Les Liaison Dangereuses /
      * *Friday*: 7pm-1am**Mix n' Mingle in the Mac
        <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/>(optional play)
      * *Saturday*: 11am-2:30pm Decade by Decade Phamily Lunch
      * *Saturday*: 4:30pm-12am Social, Dinner, Dance
        <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/> (optional play)
      * *Sunday*: 11am/12pmPhoenix Phamily Phun Run/Walk
        <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/> followed by
        Farewell Brunch <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/50th/reunion/>

    With amazing support from our sponsors, /iA Financial Group
    <http://www.solutionsinsurance.com/uvic>/and the UVic Alumni
    Association <http://www.uvic.ca/alumni/>, we’ve kept the prices
    incredibly low. We want as many people as possible to attend.
    Alumni, faculty, staff and their guests *should register online
    as the prices go up again on November 1.


      Phoenix Phacts: What our alumni our up to!

<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hggOmHMyAns>Recent applied theatre 
graduate *Jasleen Powar (BFA'16)*, is making a name for herself 
asVancouver rapper Horsepowar. 
She has been receiving the kind of media attention most emerging artists 
only dream about from the likes of CBC 
to Rolling Stone India. Her 2015 track “Queen” 
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hggOmHMyAns> has earned almost 74,000 
YouTube views – not too bad for a 24-year-old “Desi girl.” Jasleen 
performed at the prestigious SXSW Music Festival this past spring to 
great appeal. Congrats and good luck Jasleen!

This past April, *Amiel Gladstone (BFA ’94) 
<https://amielgladstone.wordpress.com>* directed the musical /Onegin/ 
that he co-wrote with Veda Hille. Held over twice at the Arts Club 
Theatre in Vancouver, it won 10 Jessie Awards! Fellow alumna *Meg Roe 
(BFA ’04) 
received the Jessie for Outstanding Actress for her role in this 
production. The Globe and Mail says 
/“This show rises to another level: It is a searing love story with 
authenticity that cuts through the song-and-dance spectacle and strikes 
the audience at its core.” /Amiel focuses on “theatre for people who 
hate theatre” (as he puts it in the title of his blog) and the world 
seems to agree that Onegin has hit the mark!

Garnhum (BFA ’90) 
becoming the Artistic Director of the Grand Theatre in London 
<https://www.grandtheatre.com/>, Ontario! Dennis has been making a name 
for himself at Theatre Calgary <https://www.theatrecalgary.com/> where 
he directed nearly 20 productions, including the world premieres of 
/Lost – A Memoir, Beyond Eden/ and Timothy Findley’s /The Wars/, the 
musical adaptation of /The Little Prince,/ and *Janet Munsil’s (BFA 
’89)* adaptation of/Pride and Prejudice/. In September Janet Munsil was 
awarded one of six Mayor's Medals at Thinklandia, part of the Rifflandia 
Music Festival, <http://rifflandia.com> for her commitment to the arts 
and theatre in our community. Janet is a nationally recognized 
playwright who was also the Artistic Director of Intrepid Theatre 
<intrepidtheatre.com/>, (the producer of the Victoria Fringe Festival) 
for many years. She is a great advocate for experimental theatre and has 
mentored many up and coming theatre artists. Janet was recently named 
the Artist in Residence of UVic’s Centre for Studies in Religion and 
Societ <http://www.uvic.ca/research/centres/csrs/>y, where she is busy 
writing a new play, /Act of Faith./ 
Thank you to your service to our community Janet!

*Theatre SKAM <http://www.skam.ca>*is presenting a new play written by 
founding member, Artistic Producer and alumnus *Matthew Payne (BFA ’96) 
/Shop Talk/ explores sexual politics in the work place, combining the 
nonchalance and arrogance of carpenters, along with the worst jokes of 
the Internet. /Shop Talk/ runs from October 12 – 23 and is directed by 
alumna *Chelsea Haberlin (BFA ’07)* 
one of several Phoenix alumni who founded ITSAZOO Productions 
<http://itsazoo.org> in Vancouver. Others involved include alumni 
*Connie McConnell (BFA ’92)*, *Patricia Reilly (BFA ’11), Jennifer Ault 
(BFA ’01, MFA ’14), Sarah Cashin (BFA’15), Brian Culp (BFA ’09), Carolyn 
Moon (BFA ’16) *and current students *Grace Le,* and *Amelia Petscheleit*.

*Nicolle Nattrass (BFA ’91) <http://www.nicollenattrass.com>*continues 
to amaze with her one-woman shows. Nicolle’s most recent work,/Mamahood: 
turn and face the strange/, will be presented at the Firehall Arts 
Centre from October 18 to 29. Written and performed by Nicolle, this 
“trip to Planet Motherhood” is also directed by alumnus *TJ Dawe (BFA 
’97) <https://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/alumni/profiles/Actors/TJ_Dawe/>*.

Everyone is excited that /Ride the Cyclone, 
<https://www.facebook.com/ridethecyclone/>/ the Victoria-grown play that 
originated with Atomic Vaudeville co-founders, *Britt Small (MFA ’04),* 
previous student *Jacob Richmond*, and local musician Brooke Maxwell 
(Jacob and Brooke shown above on left) is opening at MCC Theatre 
this December. Last year it was a smash hit at the Chicago Shakespeare 
Theater with a held-over run. Joining the Off-Broadway cast, as he did 
in Chicago, is alumnus *Kholby Wardell (BFA ’08)* (shown above, back 
row, far right). Kholby has performed in this play since its first 
production and across several Canadian tours. Lots of fun media coming 
out about the show from Playbill 
to Broadway.com 
Good luck to everyone and break a leg!

*Nathan Medd (BFA ’01) *is heading back to school to pursue a graduate 
degree in management at the prestigious Harvard University – all while 
maintaining his position as Managing Director of English Theatre at the 
National Arts Centre <http://nac-cna.ca/en/englishtheatre>. Before 
heading to Ottawa, Nathan was the Managing Producer of Vancouver’s 
Electric Company Theatre in where he also co-founded the Progress Lab 
1422, a multi-tenant production centre. Good luck with your studies Nathan!


//more alumni updates? /*Check out the Alumni Profiles 
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