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Phoenix Theatre: BackstagePASS
	Spring 2011 . Act 4 Scene 5

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      eNews: Phoenix BackstagePASS

For most of our students, the experience of working on Phoenix plays 
during their four years at the Department Theatre is an amazing one. In 
any given season, they may get the chance to design a play's costumes or 
set, or perform a leading role. However working closely with the 
esteemed Canadian playwright Daniel MacIvor and the acclaimed director 
David Ferry on the world premiere of a new play is an opportunity none 
of these students expected at their age. Read on for a peek 
behind-the-scenes -- in words and video -- and go inside /Inside/. 

/Video by Jamie Tanner


      Behind the Scenes: Inside /Inside/

Victoria's newest nightclub isn't on Pandora or Yates, and you don't 
need a hand-stamp to get in. Students at the Department of Theatre are 
building it right on the stage!

Speakers are being mounted under the floorboards to give the feeling of 
bass pumping through the walls from another room. Up in the catwalks, 
students are hustling to mount lights and filters to give the stage the 
perfect ambiance. And in rehearsals, eleven student actors are letting 
their limbs dance to the pulsing rhythm... while a low, eerie chant 
begins to form.

/Photo David Lowes/

Nope. It's not a rave. It's all part of mounting the world premiere of 
*/Inside/*, the new play by celebrated Canadian actor, director and 
playwright Daniel MacIvor (seen below and with cast and crew on set of 

A stalwart of the Canadian theatre scene MacIvor is a playwright, 
director, actor and filmaker. His plays and films have won numerous 
awards and he was awarded a Governor Generals Award for Drama in 2006 
and the prestigious Siminovitch Prize in Theatre in 2008. He's been on 
the west coast off and on since January, first directing David Mamet's 
/The Cryptogram/ at the Belfry Theatre 
<http://www.belfry.bc.ca/shows/cryptogram/>, then for the opening of his 
latest movie, /Trigger 
<http://tiff.net/filmsandschedules/tiff/2010/trigger>/ at the Victoria 
International Film Fest <http://victoriafilmfestival.com/> before going 
into several weeks of workshop of his new play /Inside/, with our 
theatre students and director and friend, David Ferry.

/Inside/, with its themes of love, isolation, race, identity, anger, and 
upheaval, tells the story eleven twenty-somethings over the course of a 
single day as they navigate life from their perspective on the fringe of 
the modern word. New immigrants, orphaned children, born-again 
Christians, drug addicts and entrepreneurs alike find common ground at 
the boutique hotel dance clube called "Inside". MacIvor's contemporary, 
emotional, often darkly comic script also explores multiple meanings of 

Adapted specifically for 11 students in the Department of Theatre from 
an earlier work. /"I'm thrilled UVic is giving me the opportunity to 
work with David and these talented young actors while I develop this new 
play,"/ says MacIvor. /"The students are well-suited to the 
twenty-something characters in the play."/


Click to hear the music used
in */Inside/* @ iTunes

For the eleven student actors, this play presents a once-in-a-lifetime 
challenge -- one that director David Ferry says they've embraced. 
"/Their energy and passion and willingness to try new things,"/ he says, 
/"is undeniably exciting... and a joy to work with/." As director, Ferry 
sees his role as both facilitator and educator. /"With the actors it is 
important to create a space and communication that makes good work 
possible from all the artists -- but here, in my alma mater, I'm a 
teacher as well,"/ says Ferry who graduated with his MFA in Directing in 
2004 from UVic (seen below beside Daniel MacIvor).

Creating /Inside /for UVic has clearly been a different process for 
MacIvor. "I don't often have anyone else direct first productions of my 
multi-character shows," he explains. /"But I love David's style and his 
ease with the actors. I'm trying to take a back seat and keep my mouth 
shut for the most part---not my natural inclination---but he's being 
generous with me, letting me throw my two cents in. He values having the 
writer in the room."/

Photo courtesy of Travis Bower/

Fourth year theatre acting student Alex Plouffe concurs. Playing Brian, 
one of /Inside/'s twenty-somethings, he appreciated Daniel's 
contribution to rehearsal. /"Obviously, as the writer, he knows all the 
answers to your character... he knows the script, well, inside and 
out,/" he says chuckling at the inadvertent pun, "/But he let us find 
our characters on our own. It was a very organic process. I could 
experiment and both Daniel and David were very supportive. No 
pressure."/ Which confirms MacIvor's idea of acting. /"The actor's 
job,"/ he says, /"is not to /HAVE/ feelings, but to evoke feeling in the 

/"If only I had had such good fortune as a theatre school student to 
premiere the work of a fabulous living playwright,"/ says Ferry 
enviously about the UVic actor's experience.

/Photo David Lowes/

/"We've been looking forward to this for a year,"/ says Plouffe. "/You 
never think you're going to have the chance to work with someone of this 
calibre in your entire career, let alone by the time you're 21. I feel 
incredibly lucky."/

And perhaps this is true for the playwright as well./ "This is a great 
group of actors,"/ says MacIvor on his blog of his Phoenix experience 
and time in Victoria. /"Life is good."/


      Upcoming Events: March

*March 15 & 16, 2011: //
* *$6 Public Preview* <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/box-office/> * 
Performances of */*/Inside 
/Tickets are available to the public after 5pm on day of performance, by 
phone or in person.

*March 17 - 26, 2011:

By Daniel MacIvor
Guest directed by David Ferry

Evening Performances @ 8pm
Matinee March 26 @ 2pm

The Phoenix Theatre presents the world premiere of /Inside/, written by 
acclaimed playwright Daniel MacIvor and directed by the renowned David 
Ferry. This modern tragicomedy plays host to a cross-section of Canadian 
experiences. Over the course of one evening, immigrants and orphans, 
Christians and addicts, entrepreneurs and activists alike will converge 
in the pulsing world of the nightclub. Between the beats of the music, 
boundaries will fall, tensions will rise, and lives will change forever.

*Friday, March 18 @ 7pm:
Lecture: Daniel MacIvor: Just Do It!
us for a free lecture on the first Friday of each production. Dr. Tony 
Vickery, a professor of Theatre History explores MacIvor 's independent, 
do-it-yourself initiative as a key component in his philosophies around 
acting, play writing and producing theatre, and how these have lead to 
his national and international prominence.

This lecture is FREE to everyone. It will also be recorded and the audio 
file posted on the Phoenix website next week.

*Friday, March 25 (after show):
with Daniel MacIvor
us after the play for a talkback session with the playwright of /Inside/.

*Saturday, March 26 @ 2pm:
Language Interpretation performance
performance of /Inside/ features international Deaf interpreter, 
presenter and performer Nigel Howard and Jen Ferris. Click here for 
special order form to this sign language performance 


      Phoenix Phacts:
      News on Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Students

The Department of Theatre is well-represented in this year's "M" Award 
Nominations, including last fall's Phoenix production of */Yerma/* for 
Best Overall Production! The Monday Magazine "M" Awards are based on the 
people's choice and public's voting, so if you haven't voted yet, please 
check out all the nominees and support our arts community! Here's the 
link to Monday Magazine 
--- then follow their link to the online survey 
<https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MAwards2011>. Voting closes by *Friday, 
March 18 at 5pm*.

*Department of Theatre-related "M" Award nominations:*

    * /Yerma
      for best overall production (Phoenix Theatre, Directed by
      Professor Warwick Dobson)
    * /The Life Inside <http://www.belfry.bc.ca/shows/the-life-inside/>/
      (Belfry Theatre) for best new play (including Professors *Jan
      Wood* and *Clayton Jevne*)
    * /A Streetcar Named Desire
      <http://bluebridgetheatre.ca/about-us/past-productions/>/ (Blue
      Bridge Theatre) for best overall production (Professor *Brian
    * /Love Kills <http://www.theatreinconnu.com/?cat=4>/ (Theatre
      Inconnu, Professor *Clayton Jevne*) and /Z-Day: Anthem for the
      Post-Zombie Apocalypse
      <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rz2mzHzK_k>/ (student *Jay
      Mitchell*) for favourite musical
    * Professor *Clayton Jevne* (/Moscow Stations
      <http://www.theatreinconnu.com/?p=155>, /Theatre Inconnu) and
      alumni *Rielle Braid* (BFA'09) (/Smalltown Pickup, /Theatre SKAM
      <http://www.skam.ca/index.htm>) for favourite performer
    * Professor *Brian Richmond* (/Streetcar Named Desire
      <http://bluebridgetheatre.ca/about-us/past-productions/>/, Blue
      Bridge Theatre) and alumni *Matthew Payne* (BFA '93) (/Smalltown
      Pickup/, Theatre SKAM <http://www.skam.ca/index.htm>) for best

*David Ferry* (MFA '04), alumnus and director of the Phoenix production 
of /Inside/ has been busy while in town. He has also directed the 
workshop of Mount Appetite, at the Belfry Theatre's Spark Fest 
<http://www.sparkfestival.ca/>. /Mount Appetite/ is based on a short 
story by Bill Gaston, professor in the UVic Writing Department and 
features *Matthew Payne* (BFA '93).

*Colin Plant* (BFA '96) has been elected to a second term as President 
of the Association of BC Drama Educators (ABCDE). Congrats Colin!

Recent graduates, *Jeff Leard *(BFA '10) and *Samantha Richard *(BFA'10) 
(pictured above) are back from their Canadian tour of the award winning 
fringe play /*Pinocchio* 
<http://www.storytheatre.ca/gallery_pinocchio.htm>/ with The Story 
Theatre Company <http://www.storytheatre.ca/> and are currently 
performing in Victoria schools.

The Other Guys Theatre Company <http://www.otherguystheatre.ca/> is 
planning a busy summer with a tour of their show /Good Timber: Songs and 
Stories of the Western Logger /across the Pacific Northwest. The project 
includes theatre alumni *Colleen and Kelt Eccleston* (BFA), *Ross 
Desprez* (BFA '92), *Keith Houghton* (BFA '01) and *Erin Macklem* 
(costume designer) (BFA '98). *Colleen Eccleston* (BFA).

<http://intrepidtheatre.wordpress.com/more-shows/>The crew at ITSAZOO 
Productions are on the road again. / The Chairs 
<http://www.itsazoo.org/home.htm>,/ an absurdist comedy about three men 
as they struggle to coexist in a barren landscape was written by 
*Sebastien Archibald* (BFA '07). The show will be touring this spring 
through Vancouver, Tofino, Nelson and Galiano as well as the Metro 
Studio on March 30 - April 2, 2011 
<http://intrepidtheatre.wordpress.com/more-shows/>. Directed By *Chelsea 
Haberlin* (BFA '07) features *Cameron Anderson* (BFA '07), Sebastien 
Archibald, and *Chris Wilson* (BFA '08). Intrepid Theatre is also 
organizing a live twitter interview this Friday, March 18 fro 12:30 to 
1pm. Monday Magazine Arts Editor, Amanda Farrell will interview the 
play's director with the general public participating by asking 
questions on twitter or facebook. Find out more... 

Our Applied Theatre program was applauded in the March issue of Focus 
Magazine (click to download PDF of magazine on their site) 
<http://www.focusonline.ca/>. * Will Weigler* (current PhD candidate) 
participated in the UVic Diversity Conference this spring, co-directing 
an applied theatre presentation where actors recounted true stories from 
staff and instructors on campus to help draw linkages between the 
experiences from different cultures, identities, genders and races.


      Email Perks & Interesting Links:

*Win tickets for The Last 15 Seconds *
Email Intrepid Theatre <mailto:sammieg at intrepidtheatre.com> to win 
tickets for /The Last 15 Seconds/ 
<http://intrepidtheatre.wordpress.com/more-shows/> (March 18, 19 & 20 at 
Metro Studio). The Last 15 Seconds explores terrorist actions and 
motivations through a imagined dialogue with a suicide bomber just 
moments before the explosion. "Riveting." -- /Waterloo Region Record/


      Sponsor Kudos:

The Phoenix Theatre would like to thank our individual donors 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/donations/> and community sponsors for 
their support of our programs and talented students! Thank you!

* Community Partner: Cadboro Bay Village 
<http://www.cadborobayvillage.com/> * Cadboro Bay Village Merchants 
Including: Cadboro Bay Book Company, For Good Measure 
<http://www.forgoodmeasure.ca>, People's Compounding Pharmacy, 
Pepper's Foods <http://www.peppers-foods.com>and Smugglers Cove 

Contact Adrienne Holierhoek <mailto:aholierh at uvic.ca> for information 
about how your company can support emerging theatre artists at UVic.


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