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Phoenix Theatre: BackstagePASS
	Fall 2010 . Act 4 Scene 3

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      eNews: Phoenix BackstagePASS

Each fall we welcome our students back into the world of the Phoenix and 
the day to day process of going to classes, writing assignments and 
memorizing lines. But every October we also welcome the return of some 
of our theatre graduates to grace the Phoenix stage once again as we put 
a spotlight on our alumni. In this issue, read up on alumnus Sebastien 
Archibald's endeavours with ITSAZOO Productions or --- if you're one of 
our alumni --- consider putting yourself in the spotlight next season!

      Behind the Scenes: These alumni are not just clowning around!

* *

*Vancouver's ITSAZOO Productions is making name for itself with edgy 
political fare.*

Robin Hood set in Vancouver's downtown eastside; the enchanted Forest 
run like Disney World by a large company; a fun loving clown trying in 
vain to climb the corporate ladder; or the media exploitation of a 
gruesome crime... But whether his plays are fraught with humour and 
metaphors, or tackling his edgy, political subject matter head-on, 
*ITSAZOO <http://www.itsazoo.org/>* writer-in-residence Sebastien 
Archibald isn't clowning around.

Archibald writes plays that often reflect national news stories, 
sometimes presenting hypothetical situations of ethical conundrums that 
have since, in our ever-changing media landscape, actually happened. 
Heightening their connection to contemporary life, ITSAZOO Productions 
often performs his plays "outside the cage," in nontraditional locations 
like outdoor parks or city parking garages.

Of last summer's production of */Robin Hood/* ---which was performed in 
Queen Elizabeth Park and was held over for an extended run ---the 
Vancouver Sun 

/"Sebastien Archibald's script is a mix of the clever and the twee. In 
keeping with the spirit of political theatre, his characters are all 
caricatures and the messages are bombastic..."/

However, Archibalds' play /*Death of a Clown*/ is performed inside a 
theatre when it runs at the Phoenix Theatre at the University of 
Victoria from October 14 -23, 2010. The play presents a critique of our 
corporate-obsessed world through the eyes of Roy, a floppy, fun-loving 
clown. Roy's world is a rigid and oppressive metropolis where everyone 
is preoccupied with success and climbing the corporate ladder. Roy tries 
to suppress his nature to fit in, but it's not until he meets a sassy 
radical clown named Anna that his life is thrown upside down.//

/"At its core, Death of a Clown is about the freedom to act with 
reckless abandon for all the right reasons. It's about finding humanity 
in a dehumanized world,"/ says Archibald./ "It serves as both a comment 
on the artifice of corporate culture and the artifice of theatre itself, 
with the clown offering a way to transcend both."/

Originally written and performed at UVic in 2004 as a SATCo production 
(Student Alternative Theatre Company), the play was presented at the 
Victoria Fringe in 2006 and then chosen as a finalist in the Theatre BC
National Playwriting Competition. It is being presented this October as 
the Phoenix Theatre's Spotlight on Alumni. During their time together at 
the Department of Theatre, Archibald and ITSAZOO Co-Artistic Directors 
Chelsea Haberlin and Colby Wilson hatched their provocative new theatre 
company. In 2007, ITSAZOO moved their company to Vancouver and in 2008 
was named Vancouver's Favourite New Company by The Westender magazine 
and awarded "M" Awards for "Best New Play" and "Favourite Actor" by 
Victoria's Monday Magazine.

/Death of a Clown/ features several UVic alumni, including performances 
by Sebastien Archibald, Cameron Anderson, Chris Wilson and Colby Wilson; 
costume design by Meredith Grantier; set and props design by Kyle
Sutherland, lighting design by Eugene Mendelev and sound design by Chris 
Adams. Vancouver artistic contributions include performances by Leslee 
Brownlee and David Benedict Brown, projection and video design
by Michael Antonakos and stage manager Lois Dawson.

/"ITSAZOO Productions clearly has the talent and skill to create fine 
professional work."/--- Times Colonist

/"Archibald may well become one of our best playwrights if he continues 
to develop the abundant talent he displays with this work. Death of a 
Clown is a worthy contribution in its artistic content, production value 
and social
interest."/ --- Vancouver.org

*Theatre Alumni: <#spotlight>*Want to be considered for next year's 
Spotlight on Alunmi? Read this! <#spotlight>


      Upcoming Events: October > November

*October 12 & 13, 2010:
* *$6 Public Preview* <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/box-office/> 
*Performances of */*Death of A Clown 
/Tickets are available to the public after 5pm on day of performance, by 
phone or in person.

*Thursday, October 14 @ 7:30pm
**Corporatizing the University: Risks and Opportunities* 
FREE - Public Issues Community Forum
Harry Hickman Building, Rm. 105
Should universities be involved in initiatives that have commercial 
value? Is academic freedom and instructional quality adversely affected 
in universities that have moved closer to the marketplace, or is 
increased commercialization an important strategy for survival in 
difficult economic times? A fascinating discussion with distinguished panel.

*Death of A Clown*

*October 14-- 23, 2010:
Death of A Clown 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/index.html>*By Sebastien 
Archibald | Produced by ITSAZOO Productions <http://www.itsazoo.org/>

Evening Performances @ 8pm. Matinee October 23 @ 2pm

Meet Roy! He's a floppy, fun-loving clown who was born into a rigid and 
oppressive world. He has to suppress his clowning nature to claw his way 
up the corporate ladder. But when he meets Anna, a sassy rebelious 
clown, Roy's life is thrown into chaos! /(Advisory: Mature subject 
matter and strong language.)/

*Friday, October 15 @ 7pm:
Death of a Clown Preshow Lecture:
us for a free lecture on the first Friday of each production. Playwright 
Sebastien Archibald and director Chelsea Haberlin join Dr. Jennifer Wise 
in conversation to discuss the play and their company.

/ Presented by//logo <http://www.iaplife.com/>/


*N**ovember 11-- 27, 2010: Yerma <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/>
*By Federico García Lorca
Directed by Warwick Dobson

*Monday, November 29, 2010
Deadline for <../images/AlumniCall11-12.pdf>**Submissions for 2011/12 
"Spotlight on Alumni"* <../images/AlumniCall11-12.pdf>*
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/pdf/AlumniCall10-11.pdf>*Hey Theatre 
Alumni! Bring your successful theatre project to your old alma mater. 
The Department of Theatre invites our alumni to submit a proposal for 
the department's October 2011 "Spotlight on Alumni" show in the Phoenix 
Theatre's 2011/12 season. Click here for details. 
<../images/AlumniCall11-12.pdf>Deadline for submissions is November 29, 

*February 24 -- March 5, 2011: **Twelfth Night* 
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Linda Hardy

*March 17 -- 26, 2011: **Inside
* <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/>WORLD PREMIERE!!* *By Daniel 
MacIvor <http://www.danielmacivor.com/>
Guest Director David Ferry 


      Phoenix Phacts:
      News on Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Students

The fall theatre season has begun and our students, staff and alumni are 
busy in the theatre world. Here's a sampling of their activities and 
accolades. <http://ring.uvic.ca/10sep/theater-prof.html>

The University of Victoria and the Department of Theatre are proud of 
theatre design professor *Mary Kerr* who, has been honoured with a 
fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) 
<http://www.rsc.ca/home.php>, and announced this September. 
<http://ring.uvic.ca/10sep/theater-prof.html>The RSC is the country's 
senior national body of distinguished Canadian scholars and a fellowship 
in this society is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon an 
academic. Kerr is the first and only set and costume designer to be 
inducted into the society. She has worked in every type and scope of 
production medium and in collaboration with playwrights, directors, 
producers, choreographers and performers. This spring she designed 
/Sweeny Todd/ at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. Her next project is 
co-writing a show entitled /Bella: The Color of Love/ about writer Bella 
Chagall, the wife of Marc Chagall and the subject of many of his 
paintings to be presented as a joint venture with Gershman Y, the 
Philadelphia Theatre Company and the Philadelphia Museum Art. Recently 
for the Phoenix Theatre she has designed the set and costumes for /Wind 
in the Willows / 
/Romeo and Juliet/ 
Kerr's costume designs can be seen this November in our production of 
/Yerma/, by Federico García Lorca. Congratulations Mary!

Second year creative writing and theatre student *Asia Wolfe* has been 
chosen as one of five finalists in the Times Colonist's So You Think You 
Can Write 
challenge. Click to read her submission. Go Asia!


After their "Encore!" Season, Blue Bridge Theatre 
<http://www.bluebridgetheatre.ca/>is holding their own encore and 
bringing back alumnus *Zachary Stevenson 
<http://www.zacharystevenson.com/>* (BFA '03) for a special fundraising 
evening repeat of /Hank Williams: The show he never gave / 
on Sunday October 17.

Theatre Inconnu <http://www.islandnet.com/%7Etinconnu/> presents the 
critically acclaimed "rock musical" /Love Kills 
by Kyle Jarrow until October 30. Directed by department instructor 
*Clayton Jevne* (BFA '85, MFA '88 and PhD '03) it also features alumni 
Marina Legacé (BFA '10) and Cam Culham (MFA '03).

*Ingrid Hansen* (BFA '09) of SNAFU Dance Theatre is pairing up with 
William Head on Stage for /CHALK 
<http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=100025350947>/ which takes place 
inside the William Head Minimum Security Prison from October 22 - 
November 20. <http://www.belfry.bc.ca/shows/the-trespassers/>

Alumnus *Amitai Marmortstein* (BFA '07) is staring in the Belfry 
Theatre's <http://www.belfry.bc.ca/shows/the-trespassers/> production of 
/The Trespassers/ <http://mondaymag.com/articles/entry/true-stories/> 
which closes October 17. Up next in their season is /The Life Inside / 
<http://www.belfry.bc.ca/shows/the-life-inside/>//which includes 
instructor *Clayton Jevne* (BFA '85, MFA '88 and PhD '03) and professor 
*Jan Wood*. /The Life Inside/ is a unique piece of music theatre created 
specifically for the Belfry and the largest production in their history. 
It opens November 16 and runs through to December 19, 2010.

Professor *Allan Stichbury* has been busy! He designed the sets for 
/Theatre Calgary's 
<http://www.theatrecalgary.com/plays/cuckoos_nest/more_info/>/ September 
production of /One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest/. Opening in October is 
/Last Dog of War,/ where he designed the set and lighting for the play 
directed by Daniel MacIvor for the Alberta Theatre Project 
<http://www.atplive.com/TheShows/LastDogOfWar/index.html>. Currently he 
is already working on the set designs for two operas for the 2011/12 
seasons as well as the designs for several Phoenix plays this year. Whew!

*Theatre Alumni!*
Send us <mailto:aholierh at uvic.ca> your news, show updates or reviews and 
we'll include them in the next BackstagePASS! Check out past Phoenix 
Phacts <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/alumni/> on our website.


      Email Perks & Interesting Links:


*Win two tickets to Death of a Clown!
*Answer the skill testing question and email us the answer 
<mailto:aholierh at uvic.ca>and you could win two tickets to see /Death of 
a Clown/. */What year was Death of a Clown first performed as a SATCo at 
the Department of Theatre? /*//Send your answer before Tuesday, October 
12 at 9am to be entered into a draw to win.

*Still time to subscribe and save up to 50%*!
Subscribe to the 2010/11 Phoenix season and save up to 50%. Attend three 
plays for $33 or four for $44. Yup, that's a deal! Click here to see our 
season on our website <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/>, 
download the subscription order form (PDF) 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/pdf/Season-Flyer2010-11.pdf> or call 
the Phoenix Box Office at 250-721-8000.


      Sponsor Kudos:

The Phoenix Theatre would like to thank our individual donors 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/donations/> and community sponsors for 
their support of our programs and talented students! Thank you!

* Community Partner: Cadboro Bay Village 
<http://www.cadborobayvillage.com/> * Cadboro Bay Village Merchants 
Including: Cadboro Bay Book Company, For Good Measure 
<http://www.forgoodmeasure.ca>, People's Compounding Pharmacy, 
Pepper's Foods <http://www.peppers-foods.com>and Smugglers Cove 

Contact Adrienne Holierhoek <mailto:aholierh at uvic.ca> for information 
about how your company can support emerging theatre artists at UVic.


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