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Phoenix Theatre: BackstagePASS
	Fall 2010 . Act 4 Scene 2 

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      eNews: Phoenix BackstagePASS

With fall and a new school year just around the corner, Victoria is also 
just about to start another arts season. Every year it kicks off with 
the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival. This issue of BackstagePASS we're 
cheering on all of our current students and alumni that are presenting 
shows during the Fringe. See below for a list of their shows.

      Behind the Scenes: Phoenix alumni are Fringing!

<http://www.victoriafringe.com/>Each year for over 45 years, the 
Department of Theatre has been sending their graduating students out 
into the world of theatre. Many alumni gain important experience and 
exposure on the Fringe Festival circuit across Canada. With Victoria's 
Fringe Theatre Festival opening this week, this issue of the Phoenix 
BackstagePASS offers an overview of our alumni and current students and 
their Fringe shows. Remember that all box office receipts for Fringe 
shows are returned 100% to the artists, so get out to the Fringe and 
support our alumni!

By Julia Dillon-Davis (including current UVic students Sandi Barrett, 
Emily Piggford, Shaan Rahman)

*The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari <http://www.victoriafringe.com/>*
By Christopher Kattner (includes alumni Ming Hudson (BFA '07) and Shawna 
Picken (BFA '08))

*Everything Is Awful <http://theeloquent.com/>
Based on the comic "Pictures For Sad Children" by John Campbell
Adapted by TK Longmire (BFA '10)

*Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead 
By Bert V. Royal (includes current students Andrew Barrett and Sarah Koury)

*Ginger Ninjas <http://snafu.liquidbeat.com/next/>
Created & Performed by Elliott Loran & Ingrid Hansen (BFA ' 09)
Directed by Britt Small (MFA '04)

*Gonads & Gametes <http://www.victoriafringe.com/>*
By Jeff Leard (BFA '10)

*Lucky 9 <http://tjdawe.com/>*
By TJ Dawe

*The Magical Soup Stone 
By Jim Leard (BFA '70) and Young People's Theatre

*The Peter n' Chris Show presents: Peter n' Chris Save the World! 
*PETER N' CHRIS By Chris Wilson (BFA '08) and Peter Carlone (BFA '08)

By Jim Leard (BFA '70) and Young People's Theatre

*Reckless Daughters <http://www.victoriafringe.com/>
Created by: Briana Brown, Erin Fleck and Laura Anne Harris (BFA '06)

*Smalltown: A Pickup Musical* <http://skam.ca/currentproductions.htm>
By Amiel Gladstone (BFA '94) & Lucas Myers (BFA '95)

*Thank You My Love, Goodbye 
By Jim Leard (BFA '70), Romantic Memory Play

*Z-Day: The Anthem for the Post-Zombie Apocalypse 

By Jay Mitchell (BFA '10) (includes a cast full of current students and 
alumni too vast to list here!)

(Sorry if I missed anyone!)

 > See below to learn how you can win tickets to Fringe Fest! <#Perks>


      Upcoming Events: September > March

/Eva Markvoort. Photo by Cyrus McEachern.


*Sunday, September 26
Eva Markvoort
Celebration of Life 

*1:30pm:* Documentary Screening
*2:30pm:* Reception & Celebration

Join us for a celebration of the inspiring - but too brief - life of Eva 
Markvoort (BFA '10). A student in our acting program, Eva succumbed to a 
life long battle with Cystic Fibrosis this spring on March 27. Her 
internationally followed blog /65_RedRoses/ 
<http://65redroses.livejournal.com/> chronicled her experiences with the 
disease and advocated support for cystic fibrosis and the importance of 
organ donation. Read more about her life in the May edition of 

All are welcome to join friends, family and faculty as we pay homage to 
Eva's indomitable spirit. A special screening of "/65_Redroses: Every 
breath counts/," the award-winning documentary about Eva's life, will 
precede the celebration.

*Death of A Clown*

*October 14-- 23, 2010:
Death of A Clown <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/>
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/index.html>*By Sebastien 
Archibald | Produced by ITSAZOO Productions <http://www.itsazoo.org/>

Meet Roy! He's a floppy, fun-loving clown who was born into a rigid and 
oppressive world. He has to suppress his clowning nature to claw his way 
up the corporate ladder. But when he meets Anna, a sassy rebelious 
clown, Roy's life is thrown into chaos. This hilarious multi-media 
satire features live orignial music and will motivate the rabble rouser 
in all of us! /(Advisory: Mature subject matter and strong language.)/

/Presented by/

/logo <http://www.iaplife.com/>/


*November 11-- 27, 2010: Yerma <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/>
*By Federico García Lorca
Directed by Warwick Dobson

/Yerma/ is the famous Spanish poet, director and playwright's portrayal 
of a young married woman as she struggles to come to terms with her 
inability to become a mother. Trapped within the confines of a loveless 
marriage and the victim of a judgmental and repressive community, the 
play chronicles Yerma's passion, frustration and anguish as her 
increasing desperation leads her to an unconventional course of action. 
Referred to by Lorca (shown left) as "tragic poem", it offers a harsh 
critique of the strict moral code that constrained women in 
mid-twentieth-century rural Spain. Lorca disappeared days before the 
onset of the Spanish Civil War and is thought to have been executed for 
his contraversial opinions.

*Monday, November 29, 2010
Deadline for **Submissions for ** 2011/12 "Spotlight on Alumni"

Hey Theatre Alumni! Bring your successful theatre project to your old 
alma mater. The Department of Theatre invites our alumni to submit a 
proposal for the department's October 2011 "Spotlight on Alumni" show in 
the Phoenix Theatre's 2011/12 season. More details to come in September. 
Deadline for submissions is November 29, 2010.

*February 24 -- March 5, 2011: **Twelfth Night* 
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Linda Hardy

 From its unforgettable opening line, to its deliriously comic 
conclusion, Twelfth Night is a masterpiece of disguise, deception and 
desire. Mayhem ensues as one character after another takes a tumble at 
love. Neither clowns nor counts are exempt. Viola loves Orsino; Orsino 
-- and an entourage of suitors -- love Olivia; Olivia loves Caesario, 
but Caesario is Viola in disguise! Enter Sebastian, Viola's twin brother 
to redouble the chaos of it all!

*March 17 -- 26, 2011: **Inside
* <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/> By Daniel MacIvor 
Guest Director David Ferry 

A group of twenty-somethings confront life in the modern world in this 
new drama by one of Canada's most prominent playwrights. In a series of 
two person scenes, a dozen characters connect over the course of a 
single day --- a day to be forever etched in the life stories of each 
involved. New immigrants, orphaned children, born-again Christians, drug 
addicts, entrepreneurs and angels find a common ground at ground zero, a 
hotel named Inside. But inside is also where each of these disparate 
characters must travel within themselves to find meaning and to 
understand how their lives have brought them here. /(Advisory: Mature 
subject matter, nudity and strong language.)/


      Phoenix Phacts:
      News on Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Students

As well as the Fringe, our alumni have been busy across the country. 
Here's a selection of them and with recent reviews.

Blue Bridge Theatre <http://www.bluebridgetheatre.ca/> had a sucessful 
summer season. Alumni and current students alike were part of the 
"Encore!" season of this new Victoria theatre company which "bridges" 
theatre artists by mentoring young emerging artists with those with 
national experience. /Loot!/ 
(click to read reviews) featured *Kholby Wardell* (BFA '08). /A Street 
Car Named Desire 
included *Celine Stubel *(BFA '02), *Celine Richmond* (BFA '08), *Alex 
Plouffe* (/Wreckage/) and *Patricia Trihn* (/Romeo & Juliet/, /Medea/). 
/Hank Williams: The show he never gave / 
*Zachary Stevenson <http://www.zacharystevenson.com/>* (BFA '03) as the 
talented Hank Williams. Designers for their shows this summer included 
*Patrick du Wors* (BFA '02), *Nathan Brown* (BFA '09), *Kerem Çetinel* 
(sessional instructor) and current student *Patricia Reilly*. Blue 
Bridge Theatre artistic producer and UVic professor *Brian Richmond* is 
now planning their 3rd season and is calling for input from the 
community to vote for their favourites plays. Head to their website 
<http://www.bluebridgetheatre.ca/> to give them your ideas.

Atomic Vaudeville's /Ride the Cyclone 
<http://www.atomicvaudeville.com/shows/ride-the-cyclone/>/ went to 
Toronto's Summerworks Festival this August to great reviews. Written by 
Jacob Richmond (with music and lyrics with Brooke Maxwell), and directed 
by Britt Small (MFA '04), the play features several alumni including 
*Kholby Wardell *(BFA '08), *Rielle Braid* (BFA '09), *Carey Wass* (BFA 
'08), *Sarah Jane Pelzer* (BFA '09) (shown right). The play received 
rave reviews from the Globe and Mail 
<http://www.nowtoronto.com/stage/story.cfm?content=176343>and was chosen 
as one of the best of the festival by Now Magazine 

ITSAZOO <http://www.itsazoo.org/>'s summer show Robin Hood 
was held hold over this summer. *Sebastien Archibald* (BFA '07) 
reconceived this classic story into a modern-day political satire. 
Directed by *Chelsea Haberlin* (BFA '07), it includes lots of alumuni 
*Kaitlin Williams* (BFA '09), *Katie Takefman* (BFA '09) and* Colby 
Wilson* (BFA '07).

Also, our faculty has been active across the country. Professor *Mary 
Kerr's* set and costume designs for the Citadel's production of /Sweeny 
Todd/ were both nominated for a Elizabeth Sterling Hayes Award 
<http://sterlings.varsconatheatre.com/>, which was nominated for 7 
awards overall. Sessional instructor *Kerem Çetinel's* set design for 
/Mourning Dove/ (produced by Kill Your Television) was also nominated. 
Professor *Allan Stichbury* is designing /One Flew Over the Cuckoo's 
Nest/ for Theatre Calgary 
<http://www.theatrecalgary.com/plays/cuckoos_nest/more_info/> this fall.

*Theatre Alumni!*
Send us <mailto:aholierh at finearts.uvic.ca> your news, show updates or 
reviews and we'll include them in the next BackstagePASS! Check out past 
Phoenix Phacts <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/alumni/> on our website.


      Email Perks & Interesting Links:

*Win tickets to Victoria Fringe Fest, August 26 - September 5, 2010*

Intrepid Theatre presents the annual ten day explosion of theatre, 
dance, comedy, music, and performance art at 14 different downtown 
Victoria venues, the Victoria Fringe is Vancouver Island's biggest 
theatre event. Fringe includes free public events like FringeKids in 
Market Square and nightly performances at the Fringe Club.

You can win a two tickets any Fringe show by answering this skill 
testing question: */How many years has Victoria's Fringe been running?/* 
(Hint - you might want to look here <http://www.victoriafringe.com/>.)

Email your answer to _sammieg at intrepidtheatre.com 
<mailto:sammieg at intrepidtheatre.com>_ will win a double pass!

*Subscribe and Save before the Fall rush!*

Subscribe to the 2010/11 Phoenix season and save up to 50%. Attend three 
plays for $33 or four for $44. Yup! That's a deal. Look for our new 
brochure around town, on our website 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/>, download the subscription 
order form (PDF) 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/pdf/Season-Flyer2010-11.pdf> or call 
the Phoenix Box Office at 250-721-8000.


      Sponsor Kudos:

The Phoenix Theatre would like to thank our individual donors 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/donations/> and community sponsors for 
their support of our programs and talented students! Thank you!

* Season Community Partner: Cadboro Bay Village 
<http://www.cadborobayvillage.com/> *
Cadboro Bay Village Merchants <http://www.cadborobayvillage.com>
Cadboro Bay Book Company, For Good Measure 
<http://www.forgoodmeasure.ca>, People's Compounding Pharmacy, 
Pepper's Foods, <http://www.peppers-foods.com>Smugglers Cove 
<http://www.smugglerscovepub.com> and Vision 2000 Blaney's Travel 

Contact Adrienne Holierhoek <mailto:aholierh at finearts.uvic.ca> for 
information about how your company can support emerging theatre artists 
at UVic.


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