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Phoenix Theatre: BackstagePASS
	October 2009 . Act 3 Scene 2 

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      eNews: Phoenix BackstagePASS

This Fall, as you gather your family around the thanksgiving table, 
consider how often food is a significant part of the ties that bind your 
family together. For Samantha and her father David -- the two main 
characters in our 2009/10 season-opener /*The Josephine Knot*/ -- their 
idea of family is held together by Baba, Samantha's grandma, and her 
obsession for preserves and pickling. In this BackstagePASS, learn more 
about the play and Set & Costume Designer Meg Newton's family pickling 

      Behind the Scenes: Pickles and preserving the past - Josephine
      Knot designer gets into her work

A grandfather clock, piles of newspapers, a lamp made out of Popsicle 
sticks, an old wedding veil and lots and lots of pickles: Welcome to 
Samantha's grandmother's house.

This is the packrat world of Baba, created by UVic Theatre alumna Meg 
Braem in her play */The Josephine Knot 
which opens the UVic's Phoenix Theatre 2009/10 season for our annual 
"Spotlight on Alumni" and runs October 15 through 24, 2009. *Meg Braem 
*(BFA '04) is joined by her twin sister* Jen Braem* (BFA '04), also an 
UVic alumna and general manager of *Theatre BOMBUS* which has brought 
together other alumni to work on this production: director *Amiel 
Gladstone* (BFA '94), costume and set designer and production manager 
*Megan Newton* (BFA '05), lighting designer *Michael Franzman *(BFA 
candidate for 2010) and actor *Laur**a Harris* (BFA '06).

Laura Harris (of much acclaimed one-woman show about Judy Holliday 
/Pitch Blond/ <http://www.myspace.com/pitchblond1>) plays 
twenty-five-year-old Samantha who travels with her father, played by 
veteran Victoria actor *Brian Linds*, to their family home for the wake 
of her grandmother, Baba.

In and about Baba's hoards of knickknacks and preserves -- jars of 
pickled everything, from potatoes and onions to watermelon and 
cantaloupe -- Samantha wades through long-forgotten relatives and 
personal family memories as everyone stakes their claim to grandma's 
treasures. The play is named after a sailor's knot that is used to make 
two pieces of rope function as one. /"Metaphorically, Baba's house does 
the same for Samantha and her father David,"/ says Set & Costume 
Designer Megan Newton. /"It's only by wading through the mounds of 
newspaper, dirt and canning that they can come to terms with who she 
was, what they've lost, and appreciate what they have found in each other."/

Megan is responsible for visually creating Baba's world on stage at the 
Phoenix Theatre. She takes her role as Set Designer very seriously -- 
right down to the pickled cantaloupe -- and spends the weekend before 
the play opens canning the props herself!

/"The play asks for pickled watermelon, so that's what I make,"/ says 
Megan. /"I want the preserves to look authentic for the audience."/ She 
also feels its important not to waste the food, so most of the canning 
actually gets eaten afterwards!

Megan learned to can from her mother who learned to pickle from her 
grandfather. /"My great-grandfather was the real expert in preserving. 
For him, it was a matter of survival to get through the winter and the 
pantry in his old house -- like who even has a pantry anymore! -- was 
full of pickles, jams, beans, and canned salmon."/

The recipe Megan uses was handed down from her mom (see recipe below). 
/"It is mine and my brother's favourite, but mom says she'll only make 
pickles if we're around to help make them."/ With her and her brother 
living away from home, this doesn't happen as often as it used to. /"But 
when we are there, we eat up the jar in the fridge and take one for home./"

Megan's family does their preserving in late August, but the canning has 
to cure for about six weeks, so they usually can't be eaten until 
Thanksgiving. /"That's the thing about pickling, it has a deferred 
enjoyment factor,"/ says Megan.

/"I realize not a lot of people learn to make preserves anymore. If you 
want one, you can just buy it at the store,"/ says Megan. /"Maybe its a 
generational thing, but I'm glad its been passed on to me."/

Check out Megan's family recipe for Pickled Beans and Carrots below, or 
see the thousands of recipes /--/ from peaches to pork/--/ online at 
www.picklethis.com. <http://picklethis.com/>

*Pickled Beans & Carrots*

1.5 lb tender green and/or wax beans
.5 lb sweet carrots (or baby carrots)
2 cups water
1 pt (2 cups) vinegar
¼ cup pickling salt
4 large cloves garlic
4 large heads dill
1 tsp cayenne

    * Wash the vegetables, then trim stem ends from beans, and cut
      carrots into sticks to fit jars (baby carrots can be left whole).
      Pack beans and carrots uniformly into hot, sterile jars.
    * To each pint add ¼ tsp cayenne, 1 clove garlic (cut into two or
      three pieces), and one head dill.
    * Heat together water, vinegar and salt. Bring to a boil, then pour
      over the vegetables in each jar, leaving about ½ inch headroom.
      Put lids on jars.
    * Process in a boiling water bath at 212 F for 5 minutes by
      immersing them in a large pot of water (so they are covered at
      least 1 inch deep) and bring to the boil. Start timing when the
      pot is at a full rolling boil. Processing is important to ensure
      any bacteria in the jars are killed: do not shorten the time.
    * Remove jars from canner and allow to cool. Do not over tighten the
    * Makes 4 pints... can be successfully doubled.


      Upcoming Events: October

*October 15-- 24: The Josephine Knot 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/index.html>*By Meg Braem | 
Produced by Theatre BOMBUS
/Presented by/

*October 7:* Box Office Open 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/box-office/>for /The Josephine Knot/ 

*October 16 at 7:00pm:* *Free Pre-Show Lecture*
Please join Janet Munsil, Artistic Director and Festival Producer of 
Intrepid Theatre, who's "Petri Dish" program nurtured the development of 
/The Josephine Knot/ for stage. She'll discuss the implications of 
recent funding cuts to the development of new theatre. This free lecture 
is open to everyone, including those with play tickets for alternate 

*October 16 at 7:30pm:** ORION Lecture:
Galileo as Artist and Scientist with Dava Sobel 

*The International Year of Astronomy* <http://www.astronomy2009.ca/> 
celebrates the 400th anniversary of Galileo's first telescopic 
observations. While he used his scientific skills to build and refine 
his telescopes, he needed his talent in perspective drawing to interpret 
what he saw through them. His musical ability, acquired from his 
composer father, also figured in some of his experimental designs. Join 
acclaimed science journalist *Dava Sobel* 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dava_Sobel>, former New York Times science 
reporter and author of /Longitude 
/Galileo's Daughter 
and /The Planets <http://www.amazon.com/Planets-Dava-Sobel/dp/0670034460>/.
Presented by the Departments of Theatre, Physics and Astronomy 
<http://www.phys.uvic.ca/>, and the School of Music 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/music/> in conjunction with the development of 
a new play about Galileo by Dr. Jennifer Wise, /The Moons of Jupiter/.

*October 24 at 2:00pm:* *Sign Language Interpretation*
Experience */The Josephine Knot/* with special sign language 
interpretation. Internationally renowned Deaf interpreter Nigel Howard 
will be signing the dialogue and play description of /The Josephine Knot 
/ with hearing interpreter Mary Warner. We're proud to be able to bring 
the magic of theatre to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community for two 
plays this season.

*October 24 at 3:15pm:* *Performance Creation Canada Panel Discussion 
<http://pccvictoria.wordpress.com/agenda/> /*Who owns this story? 
Propriety and Appropriation in Theatre Creation */The Phoenix will be a 
location for the Performance Creation Canada <#PCC2> conference that is 
meeting in Victoria, October 22-25, 2009. Join them for this panel 
discussion with guest speakers Matthew Payne (Theatre SKAM) and Will 
Weigler (author/researcher/Theatre PhD Candidate). Follows the 2:00 pm 
matinee of /The Josephine Knot/.

*November 27: 2009/10 "Spotlight on Alumni" Call for Submissions 
The Department of Theatre invites our alumni to submit a proposal for 
the department's October 2010 "Spotlight on Alumni" position in the 
Phoenix Theatre's 2010/11 season. Click here for details. 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/pdf/AlumniCall10-11.pdf> Deadline for 
submissions is November 27, 2009.

*2009/10 Season* <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/index.html>

*November 5-- 21: **Romeo & Juliet
* <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/> By William Shakespeare
Directed by Brian Richmond
/Presented by/

/ <http://www.iaplife.com/>

*February 18 -- 27: **Problem Child* 
By George F. Walker
Guest Director Michael Shamata (Artistic Director, Belfry Theatre)

*March 18 -- 27: **Wreckage
* <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/season/>By Sally Stubbs
Directed by Fran Gebhard


      Phoenix Phacts:
      News on Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Students

Victoria is home to a multitude of theatre companies -- including 
Theatre SKAM <http://www.skam.ca/>, Intrepid Theatre 
<http://intrepidtheatre.wordpress.com/>, Theatre BOMBUS 
<http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8239986503>, Suddenly Dance 
Theatre <http://www.suddenlydance.ca/> -- and dozens of our theatre 
alumni are the heart of many of these organizations. This October they 
will host a national event for theatre creators *Performance Creation 
Canada <http://pccvictoria.wordpress.com/about/>* *(PCC) Conference* 
<http://pccvictoria.wordpress.com/about/> in Victoria on *October 22-25, 
2009*. This is a creative, practical event for the folk who are making 
exciting innovative indie theatre across the country. It is open to 
anyone interested in performance art and fosters the development of 
ideas and dialogue between creators across varied performance 
disciplines with interactive practical events including art walks, panel 
discussions and workshops.  It is a great chance to get inspired and 
connect with theatre peers. See above for the discussion panel <#pcc> 
that will be held after the matinee of /The Josephine Knot/. All are 
welcome to attend.

During the conference, attendees are encouraged to take in Victoria 
theatre (which also feature lots of our alumni), including a remounting 
of Atomic Vaudeville's */Ride The Cyclone/* 
<http://intrepidtheatre.wordpress.com/2009/09/16/ride-the-cyclone/>, and 
SNAFU Dance Theatre's award-winning Fringe production, /*Pretty Little 
Instincts*/ <http://snafu.liquidbeat.com/>, Giggling Iguana's /*Jekyll & 
at Craigdarroch Castle, Suddenly Dance Theatre's*/ Romp Festival/* 
<http://www.suddenlydance.ca/romp/romp.htm> and Theatre SKAM's 
*/Homegrown Collective -- Haunted/*. <http://www.skam.ca/>

Alumnus* Victor Dolhai *(BFA '07) was named and interviewed by the 
/Times Colonist/ as one of their Rising Stars, a six-part series on 
Victoria artists under the age of 25. Writer Adrian Chamberlain 
interviews Dolhai and discusses his emerging career in this /Times 
Colonist/ article 
Dolhai performed in all three of the plays this summer produced by Blue 
Bridge Repertory Theatre <http://www.bluebridgetheatre.ca>, including a 
starring role in /The Fantasticks/ 

Phoenix alumnae *Ingrid Hansen* (BFA '09) and *Sarah Pelzer *(BFA'09) 
are performing in Pacific Opera Victoria's current production of */La 
Traviata/* <http://www.pov.bc.ca/traviata.html> in small standout 
dramatic roles. /La Traviata/ continues at the Royal Theatre until 
October 10, 2009. POV's next production /*The Rake's Progress */ 
<http://www.pov.bc.ca/rake.html> (November 12-21) features a set design 
by Theatre professor *Allan Stitchbury* 

Check out past Phoenix Phacts <http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/alumni/> 
on our website.


      Email Perks & Interesting Links:

*Cultural Getaways
* Combine your love of the arts with a cultural destination. From dance 
in London, England to gospel choirs in Cuba, check out Vision 2000 
Blaney's Travel specialty tours 
<http://www.blaneystravel.com/featured_tours.html> for amazing arts 
travel experiences.

*Phoenix Subscription Deal*
Season subscriptions for the 2009/10 season are still available for as 
little as $33 for 3 mainstage shows. Subscription sales are higher than 
ever this year and our numbers are limited, so don't wait and be 
disappointed. Some performance nights are already sold out. Click here 
for details about the season and subscription information 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/box-office> or order through the 
Phoenix Box Office or by calling *250-721-8000*.

*Win Tickets*
The Performance Creation Canada 
<http://pccvictoria.wordpress.com/about/> organizers would like to send 
you to see Atomic Vaudeville's /Ride the Cyclone/. Just *email them with 
answer* <mailto:sammieg at intrepidtheatre.com>the skill testing question 
"What is the theme of the Victoria conference?" (Hint, you can find the 
answer at pccvictoria.wordpress.com. 


      Sponsor Kudos:

The Phoenix Theatre would like to thank our individual donors 
<http://finearts.uvic.ca/theatre/donations/> and community sponsors for 
their support of our programs and talented students! Thank you!

* Season Community Partner: Cadboro Bay Village 
<http://www.cadborobayvillage.com/> *
Cadboro Bay Village Merchants <http://www.cadborobayvillage.com>
Cadboro Bay Book Company, Cadboro Bay Village Service & Auto Repair, 
For Good Measure <http://www.forgoodmeasure.ca>, People's Compounding 
Pharmacy, Pepper's Foods, <http://www.peppers-foods.com>Smugglers Cove 
<http://www.smugglerscovepub.com> and Vision 2000 Blaney's Travel 

*Season Ticket Sponsor:*
Grand & Toy: Performance Enhancing Offices 

Contact Adrienne Holierhoek <mailto:aholierh at finearts.uvic.ca> for 
information about how your company can support emerging theatre artists 
at UVic.


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