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The University of St Andrews, in collaboration with Morigenos - Slovenian
Marine Mammal Society, is recruiting a PhD student interested in studying
dolphin movements. This is a fully funded PhD at the School of Geography
and Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews, UK.

Movement is an important function of organisms, which has an impact on
lives of individuals, populations, interactions between species and with
humans, as well as on ecosystem processes. Ecologists collect data on
animal movement through multiple approaches, including
In this project, the successful applicant will study movements of
bottlenose dolphins using a spatio-temporal networks approach from human
mobility research. Specifically, the project will use long-term
photo-identification data to build origin-destination (OD) flow networks,
which are common in studies of different types of human mobility, but they
are not well-known in movement ecology. Here, we will investigate how
spatio-temporal network analysis can be applied to the study of marine
mammal movement, using a well-studied population of bottlenose
dolphins (*Tursiops
truncatus*) in the northern Adriatic Sea as a case study.

The student will be based at the University of St Andrews under the
supervision of Dr Urska Demsar (University of St Andrews), and
co-supervised by Dr Tilen Genov (Morigenos and the University of
Primorska). Candidates should have a solid technical background in spatial
data science or geoinformatics, and an interest in modelling of ecological
processes. They should also have coding experience (preferably R or Python,
but also Matlab, C++ or similar is appropriate).

More information about the project is available here:

For information on where and how to apply, please visit:
Application deadline is 9 February 2024.

Kind regards,

Tilen Genov

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