[MARMAM] Louis M. Herman Research Scholarship Application Deadline Reminder

Lindsay Porter lindsay.jp at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 11:03:51 PST 2024

Louis M. Herman, Ph.D. and Emeritus Professor at the University of Hawaii
at Manoa, will always be remembered for his innovative, creative, and
scientifically rigorous approach to the study of the marine mammals he so
loved, and for the future generations of marine mammal researchers he and
his work continue to inspire. The *Louis M. Herman Research Scholarship*
supports research projects that contribute to our understanding of either
cetacean cognition and sensory perception (laboratory or field studies), or
humpback whale behavioural ecology or communication. Work with other marine
mammals that especially enhances our understanding of their cognitive
abilities will also be considered. Eligible candidates include graduate
students and those students who have completed their Masters or PhD within
the past three years and are members of the Society of Marine Mammalogy.
Full details of application submission materials and criteria can be found
on the Society for Marine Mammalogy webpage

Submission deadline is *Monday,* *5* *February 2024 (10pm,* *Hawaii-Aleutian
Standard Time GMT-10 hours) *
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