[MARMAM] Reminder DCLDE2024 abstract submission

Benda-Beckmann, A.M. (Sander) von sander.vonbendabeckmann at tno.nl
Mon Jan 15 02:10:59 PST 2024

Dear MARMAM readers,

Here a quick reminder that the deadline for Abstract submission for the DCLE2024 workshop is approaching! It's set at January 29th, 2024. Abstracts can be submitted under DCLDE 2024 - Abstracts<https://www.dclde2024.com/abstracts/>. The website will open up for registration at the 1st of February. The DCLDE2024 workshop will be held in Rotterdam the Netherlands, on 3 - 7 June 2024.
This workshop on Detection, Classification, Localisation and Density Estimation (DCLDE) of marine mammals is held on a bi-annual basis. During this workshop participants share their recent insights into algorithms and technology for acoustic monitoring of marine mammals. The workshop will be focused on studies using dedicated workshop datasets. In addition, we also expect to have some sessions more broadly related to DCLDE techniques. The DCLDE2024 workshop will be held in Rotterdam the Netherlands, on 3 - 7 June 2024.
On the Monday before the main event we also have several interesting workshops/tutorials offered. For more info and how to participate, please visit our website<https://www.dclde2024.com/tutorials-workshops/>.


Introduction to the Dive Depth Detection (3D) method: leveraging surface reflections to estimate whale depth and improve density estimation, an example using deep diving echolocators

Half day

Updates for using the Low-Frequency Detection and Classification System (LFDCS) with archival and near real-time acoustic datasets

Full day

The DE part: marine mammal density estimation from passive acoustic monitoring data

Full day (half possible)

PAMGuard: New features and any other questions

Full day

Array Beamforming for Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Half day

We look forward to see you all in Rotterdam in June!

On behalf of the DCLDE2024 organizing committee,

Sander von Benda-Beckmann,
Senior Scientist
TNO, Acoustic Sensor and Sonar Systems, The Netherlands

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