[MARMAM] Aquatic Mammals issue 50.1 is published!

Kathleen Dudzinski kdudzinski at dolphincommunicationproject.org
Mon Jan 15 19:30:50 PST 2024

Dear MARMAM Subscribers,
Happy New Year! 
The first issue of volume 50 (50.1) of Aquatic Mammals journal is available online and will be officially published on Monday (15 January). 
Further information about the journal can be found at: http://www.aquaticmammalsjournal.org/
To submit a manuscript for publication consideration, please visit: http://am.expressacademic.org/actions/author.php
With regards,
Kathleen M. Dudzinski, Ph.D.
Editor, Aquatic Mammals Journal
business at aquaticmammalsjournal.org <mailto:business at aquaticmammalsjournal.org>

Articles with ** are open access:

Joëlle De Weerdt, Eric Angel Ramos, and Tatiana A. Acosta-Pachón. (2024). First Records of Pinnipeds (Otariidae) Along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Aquatic Mammals, 50(1), 1-7.
Georgina V. Hume, Alexis L. Levengood, Melina J. Keane, and Bonnie J. Holmes. (2024). First Record of a Piebald Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in Australian Waters. Aquatic Mammals, 50(1), 8-12.
Alexis Santibañez, Erwin M. Barría, Macarena Barros, Cristina Coccia, and Gonzalo Medina-Vogel. (2024). First Detection of Lontra provocax in an Unexplored Hydrological Basin of Central-Southern Chile. Aquatic Mammals, 50(1), 13-18.
Savanna M. Duda, Manon Themelin, Amy C. Hirons, and Kathleen M. Dudzinski. (2024). Contact Exchanges in Bottlenose Dolphin Mother–Calf Pairs. Aquatic Mammals, 50(1), 19-29.
Louise B. Henriksen, Charlotte Bie Thøstesen, Aage Kristian Olsen Alstrup, Hanne Lyngholm Larsen, Magnus Wahlberg, Ursula Siebert, and Sussie Pagh. (2024). A New Simple Method for Age Determination of Harbour Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena). Aquatic Mammals, 50(1), 30-38.
Carlos Calvo-Mac, Macarena Barros-Lama, Gonzalo K. Martínez-Leiva, Miguel Salgado, and Gonzalo Medina-Vogel. (2024). Exposure to Pathogenic Leptospira and Toxoplasma gondii in Endangered Native Otters of the Valdivian Temperate Rainforest Ecoregion in Chile. Aquatic Mammals, 50(1), 39-44.
Charles Nye, Kim Parsons, James Rice, and C. Scott Baker. (2024). Ecotype Origin of an Entangled Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) Identified with Remnant mtDNA. Aquatic Mammals, 50(1), 45-50.
Javier S. Tellechea, Sebastían Izquierdo, Patricia González, Agustín Carbonel, Sabrina Rodriguez, and Walter Norbis. (2024). Antarctic Minke Whale (Balaenoptera bonaerensis) Bio-Duck Call Detection in the Río de la Plata, Uruguay. Aquatic Mammals, 50(1), 51-60.
**Robert Nawojchik. (2024). Book Review: Sea Mammals: The Past and Present Lives of Our Oceans’ Cornerstone Species. Aquatic Mammals, 50(1), 61-63.

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