[MARMAM] New publication on niche partitioning among odontocetes in the western South Atlantic

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Dear MARMAM community,

My co-authors and I are pleased to share our recent publication:

Tatsch, A.C., de Lima, R.C., Secchi, E.R., Botta, S. 2024. Niche
partitioning among odontocetes in a marine biogeographic transition zone of
the western South Atlantic Ocean. Marine Biology 171, 38.

Toothed cetaceans represent a diverse and important component in poorly
studied pelagic food webs. We used the variation in δ13C and δ15N values in
tooth dentin and bone collagen sampled from 185 specimens of 23 species
(families Delphinidae, Physeteridae, Kogiidae, Phocoenidae, and Ziphiidae)
stranded in the western South Atlantic Ocean (WSAO) to estimate the
isotopic niche width and assess the interspecific isotopic niche overlap.
Two gradients of increasing δ13C values among species were evidenced:
ocean-coast and high-to-low latitudes. Variation in δ13C and δ15N values
indicated the existence of at least four trophic and habitat-related
guilds: neritic high trophic-level predators (*Pseudorca crassidens*, *Tursiops
truncatus gephyreus*, *T. truncatus truncatus* and *Phocoena spinnipinis*);
oceanic intermediate trophic-level predators (*Orcinus orca*, *Steno
bredanensis*, *Kogia breviceps*, *Lagenodelphis hosei*, *Physeter
macrocephalus*, *Delphinus delphis* and *Stenella frontalis*), oceanic low
trophic-level predators (*Grampus griseus*, *P. crassidens*—mass stranded
group,* Mesoplodon grayi*,* M. densirostris,* *Ziphius cavirostris*,
melas*, *S. coeruleoalba*, and *K. sima*), all from the subtropics, and a
temperate/polar grouping of neritic/oceanic low trophic-level
predators (*Berardius
arnuxii*, *M. layardii*, *M. hectori *and *P. dioptrica*). Furthermore, our
results also suggest the occurrence of putative ecotypes of *O. orca* and *P.
crassidens*. The isotopic niche width was highly variable among species,
with high niche overlap among several oceanic taxa. The results of the
present study suggest a wide variation in trophic position, habitat and,
therefore, the ecological role of different odontocete species in the WSAO

All the best,

*Renan C. de Lima, PhD*
Postdoctoral fellow
Laboratório de Ecologia e Conservação da Megafauna Marinha - EcoMega
Instituto de Oceanografia
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG)

Association of Polar Early Career Scientists - Brazilian Committee (APECS
Brazil) - National Representative

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