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Sealife Response, Rehabilitation and Research, located just outside of
Seattle, WA, is now accepting applications for our 2024 Marine Mammal
Rehabilitation Internship.The Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Internship is an
exciting opportunity for students with a background in marine biology,
conservation, education or a related program who are interested in gaining
experience and knowledge as an animal care intern, and learning about the
behavior, rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals. This position works
with our animal care and veterinary staff and SR3’s animal husbandry
volunteers to provide care for our patients, which primarily consists of
harbor seals.

Due to the seasonal nature of our patients, our Internships are available
from June through November. Each internship opportunity may vary slightly
depending upon our patient load and what opportunities are available. This
is a two to three month long, full-time, unpaid position. Housing is not
available and the intern is responsible for having reliable transportation.
*Session Dates*

*Summer Session 1:* June 10, 2024 to August 10, 2024

*Summer Session 2:* June 10, 2024 to September 10, 2024

*Fall Session: *August 5, 2024 to November 5, 2024

Key Responsibilities


   Work with a team of volunteers and staff to provide care for marine
   mammals, mostly harbor seals, including assessment, treatment and general

   Help with daily upkeep of all resources needed for rehabilitation,
   general cleaning duties and animal enclosure maintenance.

   Learn and adhere to standards of PPE, sanitation, and quarantine as it
   applies to transfer of disease and parasites.

   Prepare daily diets, administer feeds, and provide patients with
   environmental enrichment.

   Perform data entry and daily records on feeds and animal behaviors.

   Assist with exams, perform animal restraint, and administer medications
   and treatments.

   Aid in conducting post-mortem examination on deceased patients to
   investigate causes of death and disease processes.

   Assist with processing laboratory samples including packaging and

   Develop a marine mammal research project, topic of your choosing, and
   present findings at the end of the internship to staff and other interns.

   Participate in outreach and education at a variety of events.

For full details and how to apply visit:
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