[MARMAM] Internships in Marine Mammal Science

Mithriel MacKay mithriel.mackay at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 20:58:33 PST 2024

Internship opportunities in marine mammal research at the Marine and
Coastal Ecology Research Center

Internships programs are structured as a partnership between a mentor and
an intern. These are learning experiences in marine mammal science research
partnering a committed, independent, and motivated university student with
a mentor who enjoys seeing students excited about discovery.

There are several internships currently available for undergraduate
students currently enrolled in a degree program related to marine mammal
science who are interested in working with data sets in marine mammal

More extensive research opportunities to fulfill requirements for current
master's degree programs are available. There are opportunities for meeting
these requirements in research available in marine mammal science.

Field internships will be open for enrollment in the future as programs and
announced on the website and social media.

Details are available at (www.Marine-Eco.org) and navigating to the
Education Hub. You will find a section for "Internships". Internship
information is updated as they become available.
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