[MARMAM] JNCC-recognised MMO course and online PSO course

Carolyn Barton bartoncjs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 00:33:46 PST 2024

Spaces are available on a JNCC-recognised MMO course for UK waters on 18th
and 19th March 2024, remote delivery by Zoom.  Also available is an
online self-navigated PSO course for the US Gulf of Mexico and US Atlantic.

The JNCC-recognised MMO course will cover all the information needed for
work as a Marine Mammal Observer in UK waters.  Taught by an instructor
with over 25 years experience, the course content includes:

1) Impacts of noise on marine mammals
2) Introduction to activities that require mitigation
3) Legislation protecting marine mammals and marine licensing
4) Detailed examination of the JNCC guidelines for geophysical surveys,
pile driving and explosives
5) Data recording and reporting requirements
6) Visual monitoring and distance estimation
7) Overview of passive acoustic monitoring
8) Working as an MMO/ PAM operator
9) Identification of marine mammals

Zoom sessions will be a mixture of lectures and exercises, over 1.5 days.
Any exercises not completed during the sessions can be completed in your
own time.  There is also an online multiple choice exam to be done at your
convenience after the Zoom sessions (re-sits are possible if you don't pass
first time).  Each delegate gets individual feedback on their exercises and
the exam.

The cost of the MMO course is £180 (180GBP).  On successful completion of
the course (including the exercises and exam) you will receive
JNCC-recognised certification, which is required for work as an MMO in UK

Online, self-navigated PSO course: this course is for Protected Species
Observers who will be working in offshore waters of the US Gulf of Mexico
and US Atlantic on activities such as geophysical surveys and offshore wind
energy developments.  Topics include:

1) Marine mammals and sea turtles, their biology and threats to populations
2) Sound in the seas and the impact of noise on marine mammals
3) US legislation protecting marine mammals and sea turtles
4) Activities requiring mitigation
5) Geophysical survey mitigation
6) Vessel strike avoidance
7) Explosive removal of structures
8) Offshore wind energy developments and mitigation
9) Visual monitoring and distance estimation
10) Introduction to passive acoustic monitoring
11) Working as a PSO
12) Life at sea
13) Identification of marine mammals and sea turtles
14) Final assessment

The cost of the PSO course is £180 (180GBP).  On successful completion of
the course (including the exam) you will receive PSO certification, which
is required as part of the approval process for work as a PSO in US waters.

For further details and for a registration form for either course see
www.carolynbarton.co.uk or e-mail info at carolynbarton.co.uk .
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