[MARMAM] New publication: Behavioral repertoire of dolphins that interact with artisanal fishers

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Tue Feb 27 01:45:53 PST 2024

Dear MARMAM community,

We are delighted to share our recent publication in Behavioral Ecology and
Sociobiology on "Behavioral repertoire of Lahille’s bottlenose dolphins
that interact with artisanal fishers".

Many human cultures involve positive interactions with wildlife in the past
and present. Lahille’s bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops gephyreus), for
example, have developed tactics for coastal and estuarine foraging, which
sustains a fishing practice known as “cooperative fshing” by traditional
fishers in estuaries of southern Brazil. Here, we use aerial footage to
describe the behavioral repertoire of the Lahille’s bottlenose dolphins and
how it relates to the frequency of net casting by fishers in the Tramandaí
Inlet. From nearly 8 h of footage from June 2017 to May 2018, we mainly
observed dolphins foraging in the estuary inlet when fishers were present
along the shoreline. Dolphins performed at least 27 clearly distinct
behaviors and three types of movement patterns. A generalized additive
model supported that the fshers interpret a subset of this repertoire (64%)
as cues for casting their nets. The behavioral overview of the Lahille’s
bottlenose dolphins presented here demonstrates not only a diverse
repertoire for this population, but also its clear infuence on fshers’
activities. Scientific and traditional perspectives should be integrated to
better understand the ecological significance of this “cooperative fshing”
for both dolphin populations and fishers that depend on them.

Article available at https://doi.org/10.1007/s00265-024-03443-w

Best regards

*Nathalia Serpa*

Master in Animal Biology (UFRGS)
Amateur Photographer (instagram.com/serpabn
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