[MARMAM] New Publication: Addressing temporal trends in survivorship from cross-sectional sampling designs: A modelling framework with applications for megafauna conservation

Etienne Rouby etienne.rouby at whoi.edu
Wed Feb 21 07:20:42 PST 2024

>From then on, using age-at-death data of marine mammals at some of their full potential was impossible. In this article, we provide a new Bayesian regression modeling framework to evidence temporal changes in marine mammal populations survival rates. The model is available with Stan code and is fully reproducible (supplementary material and Github link in the publication).

This work can help conservation biology by providing clear demographical evidence of a decline in survival. Since several marine mammal populations can not be monitored longitudinally, age-at-death data remain the only demographic source of information for these populations. By quantifying decline in their survival over time, it is possible to enforce management decisions before a population depletion occurs.

How to use it? You have to provide your age-at-death data to the model and the associated timescale. Then, you will obtain several parameter posteriors. Finally you have to use these posteriors in the associated functions to estimate various survival parameters and their evolution according to time.

In case you have any question or you need help with the methodology, please contact me at : etienne.rouby at whoi.edu with the subject: Query for age-at-death analysis.

Link to the publication : https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2024.110647
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