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Dear colleagues,

On behalf of my co-authors, I would like to share our new article:

Bittencourt L, Carvalho R, Santos-Neto EB, Bisi TL, Lailson-Brito Jr. J and
Azevedo AF (2024) Dwarf minke whales (*Balaenoptera acutorostrata*)
acoustic signals from the South Atlantic Ocean.
Front. Mar. Sci. 11:1338538.

Abstract: At present, there are still populations of different
balaenopterids that have never been acoustically recorded and observed
simultaneously. In an opportunistic sighting of dwarf minke whales during
winter in southeastern Brazil, we have registered six individuals and
recorded over 200 acoustic signals. Signals were quantified and had their
acoustic parameters extracted; the calling rate was estimated as the number
of sounds per minute, and the repetition rate was estimated as the number
of calls of the same type emitted per minute. Four call types were
described: Ba1, Ba2, Ba3 and Ba4. The most common and distinctive call was
the Ba1, composed of three components: one had a peak frequency of 615.0 ±
189.8 Hz, and the other had peak frequencies of 1632.0 ± 191.5 and 5038.2 ±
195.1 Hz. Ba1 repetition varied from 2.4 to 11.1 repetitions/min. Ba2 was
the second most common call with a peak frequency of 485.2 ± 421.9 Hz. The
total calling rate varied from 4.4 to 11.1 calls/min. The signals are in
the same frequency range reported for other areas but contain different

It is open access and you can download the pdf here:

Kind regards,

PhD in Oceanography
Laboratório de Mamíferos Aquáticos e Bioindicadores - MAQUA
Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro - UERJ
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