[MARMAM] New publication: a new control rule for managing PETS by-catch

Matthieu Authier matthieu.authier at univ-lr.fr
Mon Feb 12 10:43:29 PST 2024

Dear MARMAM colleagues,

On behalf of my co-authors, I am pleased to share our new publication in 
the open access journal PeerJ , Vol. 12, No. e16688:

Ouzoulias, F. / Bousquet, N. / Genu, M. / Gilles, A. / Spitz, S. / 
Authier, M.

Development of a New Control Rule for Managing Anthropogenic Removals of 
Protected, Endangered or Threatened Species in Marine Ecosystems 

In this publication, we developed and encoded in our R package RLA 
<https://gitlab.univ-lr.fr/pelaverse/rla> a new control rule for setting 
limit reference points (or removals limits) to the anthropogenic 
removals of protected, endangered or threatened species. We carried 
population dynamics simulations in a Management Strategy Evaluation 
framework to test and benchmark several control rules: PBR, RLA and a 
new rule control we called ART for 'Anthropogenic Removals Threshold'. 
These simulations were calibrated on life history parameters of the 
Harbour Porpoise (/Phocoena phocoena/) in the North Sea. Taking into 
account uncertainty in key parameters such as Maximum Net Productivity 
Level and biases in estimates (e.g.  by-catch estimates), we 
investigated the performance of the different control rules to reach a 
given conservation objective (eg restoring or maintaining depletion 
levels above X% of carrying capacity over Z years with probability P). 
Our simulations confirmed the remarkable effectiveness of PBR. On the 
other hand, ART was the only rule that allowed for a decreasing trend in 
the reference point/removals limit over time, thereby displaying greater 
alignment with current policy aspirations in the European Union such as 
minimzing, and where possible eliminating, by-catch of protected, 
endangered or threatened species.

If you have any questions about our work, please reach out.


Matthieu Authier

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