[MARMAM] Large Whale entanglements in México

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Dear MARMAM Colleagues,

My co-author, Diana López and I are delighted to announce the publication of our recent paper:

Frisch-Jordán, A., & Lopez-Arzate, D. C. (2024). Large whale entanglements in Mexico, a 25-year review from 1996 to 2021. Marine Mammal Science, e13106

Large whale entanglements are considered a significant threat to populations on a global scale. In the Mexican Pacific and Baja California Peninsula (1996–2021) a total of 218 confirmed entangled whales, from which 99 (45.4%) whales were fully released (66 by the Mexican Whale Disentanglement Network, known as RABEN). Five whale species were reported in confirmed entanglements: humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae, n = 187), gray (Eschrichtius robustus, n = 19), sperm (Physeter macrocephalus, n = 5), Bryde's (Balaenoptera edeni, n = 4), and fin (Balaenoptera physalus, n = 3). Eight types of fishing gear were identified out of 209 different gear sets; gill nets were the most common (n = 101, 48.3%), followed by pots (n = 49, 23.4%). Entanglements were reported in sixteen locations, and Banderas Bay had the most entanglement reports (n = 81, 32.8%). Several entanglements were tracked across multiple locations (n = 7), involving two teams with the most successful releases (n = 5), proving the efficiency of the RABEN entanglement response network. This information can be used to better understand entanglement impacts on large whales in the North Pacific and particularly in Mexico, to work towards mitigation of a problem that affects both whales and fishermen.

Kind RegardsAstrid Frisch Jordán

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