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Please consider this posting- thank you:

PhD Opportunities

Janet Mann is recruiting PhD graduate students for fall 2024 to the
Department of Biology at Georgetown University.  Janet leads two long-term
studies of wild bottlenose dolphins (*Tursiops aduncus* in Shark Bay,
Australia and *T. ereben*nus in the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay) and
we are studying a range of topics, including behavior, social development,
foraging ecology, sponge tool use, demography, spatial ecology, genetics,
network dynamics, population and community structure, and responses to
human activity and climate events.

We are especially interested in prospective students that have a strong
background in behavioral ecology, field (especially marine) experience,
demographic or population modeling, statistics, data science, and
programming, especially in R. Candidates who have research experience that
has resulted in presentation at scientific conferences and/or scientific
publications are also strongly encouraged to apply.  Most candidates have
applied for external graduate fellowship support (e.g., National Science
Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships Program or the Gates Millennium
Scholars Program), but if admitted to the program, students are guaranteed
five years of stipend support.

If you would like to find out more about the Biology Department graduate
program at Georgetown, there are *informational sessions* coming up here
<https://biology.georgetown.edu/phd-program/applicants/>. The deadline for
full applications is *December 1*.

If you are interested in joining my lab, please contact me (
mannj2 at georgetown.edu) by November 15.

Please look at our websites: monkeymiadolphins.org and pcdolphinproject.org.

Additional PhD opportunities with the Shark Bay Dolphin Project are
available through the Foroughirad Lab (foroughiradlab.github.io) in the
Marine Biology Department of Texas A&M University at Galveston. Contact
vforoughirad at gmail.com for more details.

Janet Mann, Ph.D. website
Distinguished University Professor
Department of Biology
Department of Psychology
Georgetown University
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