[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Knowledge Exchange with Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

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Thu Oct 5 00:59:45 PDT 2023

Join us on *18th October* from *13:30 – 17:00 (UTC -4)* for an exciting
knowledge exchange focused on management strategies to limit the impact of
threats on marine mammals!

The Marine Mammal Twinning, creators of the Marine Mammals Management
Toolkit (www.marine-mammals.info), is pleased to host an online “Marine
Mammals Knowledge Exchange” with the Stellwagen Bank National Marine
Sanctuary (SBNMS) as part of the Marine Mammal Twinning’s Final Partner’s
Workshop 2023. The Knowledge Exchange is open to all, and please register
here: https://marine-mammals.info/marine-mammal-knowledge-exchange/

We look forward to welcoming you for an afternoon of rich discussion around
some of the key threats facing marine mammals and the solutions implemented
by SBNMS and other Marine Protected Areas around the world:

*Ship Strikes *
*Noise Pollution *
*Entanglement *
   - *Whale Watching*

The Knowledge Exchange will be hosted *online* as part of the Marine Mammal
Twinning's final Partners workshop being held at Stellwagen Bank National
Marine Sanctuary's Headquarters in Scituate, MA, and will see exchanges
between Stellwagen Bank staff on management actions undertaken in the
Sanctuary followed by discussion from in-person attendees, including
managers from other MPAs as well as online participants. It will be an
excellent forum to exchange challenges and solutions, and also learn more
about management actions being undertaken across a range of marine
protected areas and countries.

To join us, please register via the Knowledge Exchange’s dedicated webpage,
where you can also download the agenda and flyer:

*Please kindly share the flyer and information amongst your networks! *

Marine Mammal Twinning

Ocean Governance - Protecting and restoring marine ecosystems, catalysts
for building peace and security and fostering sustainable economies, South
Asia and Atlantic Ocean basin


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