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Posted on behalf of my colleague Rhys Richards

Nga Tohora: The Right Whales of New Zealand and the Southern Oceans by Rhys
A not-for-profit publication by the Paremata Press.
Price $NZ35.00 276 pages, size 276 x 250mm ISBN 978-0-473-68062-6

Contains a series of studies based on nearly 50 years of research
documenting historical whaling for southern right whales. The
work concludes with an estimate of the size of the southern right whale
population pre-whaling.

Part One begins with the results of in-depth studies of commercial whaling
and right whale behaviour around southern New Zealand. Between 1827 and
1850, at least 20,000 adult southern right whales (nga tohora) were taken
in New Zealand south of the Kermadecs and north of Campbell Island. Most
were pregnant females, making the decline all the more abrupt and long

Part Two includes several other regional studies, including the global
expansion of the British and American whaling fleets into the South
Atlantic, along with studies of the French, Spanish, Portuguese and other
smaller fisheries, primarily focused on initial exploitation. Also included
is a review of bay whaling by the British and French off Southern Africa
between 1785 to 1805 and 1817 to 1842. Sail whalers operating in this area
drove local stocks to near extinction. A final regional study focuses on
historical whaling in Tasmanian waters finally providing an estimate of the
number of southern right whales taken pre-1827.

Part Three presents new material. Market evidence using material from US,
British, French and other sources in order to establish a baseline
population for the southern right whale prior to the commencement of
whaling. The total number is not over 100,000.

Copies of the book and postage rates available from:
parematapress at gmail.com

Dale Chatwin
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