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On 29th November 2023, the Marine Mammal Twinning will be hosting a webinar
showcasing the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit
<http://www.marine-mammals.info> as a valuable tool for the effective
management of marine mammals, in collaboration with The Coordinating Body
on the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA) <https://www.unep.org/cobsea/>, and the
North-East Asian Marine Protected Areas Network (NEAMPAN)
<https://neaspec.org/our-work/marine-protected-areas/overview> – North-East
Asian Sub-Regional Programme for Environmental Cooperation (NEASPEC)

*29th November - 13:00 (UTC+7)* - *Towards effective management of marine
mammals in the East Asia Seas* - including an overview of the importance of
marine mammals in the region, case studies from Thailand and conservation
of Spotted seals in the Yellow Sea Ecoregion. Register through the
following link and mark your calendars for a rich discussion on tools to
support managers and practitioners in the conservation of marine mammals
through effective management:

We hope you will be able to join us!

[image: Webinar-marine-mammals-COBSEAS-en-2.jpg]


*Marine Mammal Twinning: *www.marine-mammals.info

*Ocean Governance - Protecting and restoring marine ecosystems, catalysts
for building peace and security and fostering sustainable economies, South
Asia and Atlantic Ocean basin*


Join our *Community of Practice* here.
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