[MARMAM] ECS WORKSHOP Crossing the trail of cetaceans (April 17th)

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Dear Marmam Community,

In the framework of the up-coming ECS conference (O'Grove, April 18th -
21st) and thanks to the collaboration between the projects LIFE CONCEPTU
MARIS and IMPEL EU MTT, Triton Research srl is organizing a networking
workshop on the monitoring of cetaceans by ferries/large ships. 

The workshop intitle "Crossing the trail of cetaceans: harmonising and
improving EU transborder monitoring of cetacean using ferries/large vessels
as multidisciplinary research vessels to support the EU Nature Legislative
framework" will be held on the April 17th, between 15:00 and 18:30. 

Large scale, international cooperation is a prerequisite for scientific
programmes aiming at supporting the legislative requirements and enhance the
conservation of cetacean species. Long term programmes were run in EU waters
for the monitoring of cetacean species using operating ferries/cargo as
research platform. During recent years, effort was put in place for
networking among initiatives, fine tuning methodological approaches,
supporting multidisciplinary procedures and advancing the use of new

The workshop will explore all the phases, from protocol to data collection,
data analysis, guideline, practicalities, and tools, and aims at advancing
awareness on the state of the art of programmes and projects dealing with
the interface between science and policy.  Starting from the main
advancements reached by two wide range projects, the IMPEL EU MTT and the
LIFE CONCEPTU MARIS, the WS finally aims at improving the sharing of
experiences with other projects and initiatives, delineating new
perspectives for large scale international cooperation.

The detailed program is available at:


In case of interest, please write an email to:

 <mailto:a.servidio at tritonresearch.it> a.servidio at tritonresearch.it
(Antonella Servidio),  <mailto:roberto.crosti at isprambiente.it>
roberto.crosti at isprambiente.it (Roberto Crosti),
<mailto:antonella.arcangeli at isprambiente.it>
antonella.arcangeli at isprambiente.it (Antonella Arcangeli) 


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