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The Center for Whale Research (CWR) is seeking applications for a 2023
summer research internship. This is a three month position, working with the
CWR research and education staff on San Juan Island, Washington, to conduct
on-the-water field work, catalog and analyze data, and communicate
scientific information to the public. The successful applicant will be
provided with housing, training by CWR research and education staff, and a
small $500/month subsistence stipend.


About the Center for Whale Research

The Center for Whale Research is an internationally recognized non-profit
research institution based in Friday Harbor, Washington, USA. For the last
four decades, the CWR has conducted rigorous, non-invasive demographic and
behavioral research on killer whales in the Pacific Northwest, with
particular emphasis on the endangered southern resident killer whales. As
part of our primary research project, Orca Survey, the CWR completes an
individual-level photo-ID census of the SRKW every year. Additionally, the
CWR conducts behavioral studies of killer whales using unoccupied aerial
systems (UAS) to understand killer whale foraging, movement, and social
structure. For more information about the CWR, including our mission, goals,
current research, and past publications, please visit:
<http://www.whaleresearch.com> www.whaleresearch.com 


Role and Responsibilities

This internship aims to provide training and experience to students and
early career researchers who hope to pursue a career in marine mammal
research and conservation. The intern will participate in the CWR's Orca
Survey and Aerial Observation research programs, both on the water and in
the office. The successful applicant will gain training and experience in:


*	Small boat operations and safety
*	Cetacean photography for individual identification and health
*	Killer whale behavioral observation and sampling
*	Unoccupied aerial system (UAS) operations for behavioral observation
*	Data cataloging and management, including photographs, videos, and
behavior notes
*	Identification of individual resident and Bigg's killer whales
*	Communicating science to the general public


This work will involve early mornings, long days on the water in a small,
open boat, and long hours of computer work to catalog and analyze video and


The intern will spend one day per week in the CWR's Orca Survey Outreach
Center in Friday Harbor, communicating research and delivering short
presentations to the public. The intern will receive science communication
training from the CWR's education and outreach staff.


The successful applicant will be given the opportunity to complete an
independent project. The nature of this project is flexible and will be
designed collaboratively by the intern and the research team. This project
could involve, for example: writing a review paper, conducting novel
analysis of existing CWR data, collecting and analyzing new behavioral data,
or creating educational material to communicate information to the public.




Applicants must either hold or be pursuing a Bachelor's degree in a relevant
field (i.e. life and environmental sciences). All applicants must be at
least 18 years of age and hold a valid driver's license.


Required Skills and Experience


*	Experience being part of a collaborative research team in field or
laboratory settings
*	Able to live in a communal setting with other researchers
*	Good teamwork and communication skills
*	Highly motivated and eager to learn
*	Computer literate, particularly with Microsoft Office and file
management systems
*	Comfortable communicating information to the general public, both
one-on-one and in presentations
*	Availability for three months between June and October of 2023
(exact start date is flexible)
*	Physically able to lift equipment up to 35 kg and spend long days on
a moving vessel
*	Able to wake up and perform field work early in the morning


Application Process


To apply for this internship, please fill out this form:


  <https://forms.gle/vPnS8Mqe64saNzZT8> https://forms.gle/vPnS8Mqe64saNzZT8 


In addition to answering some basic questions, you will be asked to upload a
cover letter, CV, and up to two reference letters. In your cover letter,
please clearly outline why you would like to undertake this internship and
what you hope to accomplish in your career more generally.


Applications close March 19, 2023. Applicants will be notified by the end of
March whether they have been short-listed. Short-listed candidates will then
be invited to a brief online interview with the CWR research team, with the
successful applicant selected no later than April 15, 2023.


If you have any questions, please email Michael Weiss:
<mailto:michael at whaleresearch.com> michael at whaleresearch.com 


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