[MARMAM] First professional accreditation for cetacean sanctuaries

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The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) has adopted and published the first ever set of best practices for cetacean (whale and dolphin) sanctuaries. (See the press statement here<https://whalesanctuaryproject.org/wp-content/uploads/New-Sanctuary-Standards-Herald-Sea-Change-for-Captive-Whales-and-Dolphins.pdf>.)

The new guidelines are the product of a pioneering collaboration between the Whale Sanctuary Project, the National Aquarium, Sea Life Trust, and Merlin Entertainments.

Accreditation standards for sanctuaries that care for land animals – including elephants, great apes and big cats – have been in place for many years. And now, coastal sanctuaries for cetaceans are being developed for their retirement.

The new standards provide the answer to a critically important question: What constitutes a true, authentic sanctuary? And how do you know that a facility that calls itself a sanctuary really is what it claims to be?

Until now, there have been no generally recognized standards for what differentiates a sanctuary from any other facility that houses whales and dolphins.

“These guidelines were established through the combined efforts of top cetacean experts,” says Valerie Taylor, executive director of GFAS, in a press statement issued this week. “They signal a defining moment for the future of captive cetaceans across the globe.”

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