[MARMAM] Recent publication announcement: US budget riders compromise conservation

Peter Corkeron peter.corkeron at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 11:54:24 PDT 2023

 Greetings fellow Marmamers

On behalf of my two coauthors, I’d like to make you aware of a short piece
we published in the letters pages of Science a little while ago: US budget
riders compromise conservation.

There’s no Abstract as the article is only a few paragraphs, discussing
some unfortunate developments regarding endangered species conservation in
general, and conservation of North Atlantic right whales in particular.

The piece is available at:
https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.adg6235 . If you don’t have
access to Science, please contact me at peter.corkeron at gmail.com
<peter.corkeorn at gmail.com> and I’ll help out.

Peter Corkeron

Website: aduncus.net

Twitter: @petercorkeron
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