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Dear MARMAMers,  I am pleased to announce the publication of the following paper:
Jefferson, T. A. (2023). Marine mammals of the United States Exploring Expedition, 1838–1842: history and taxonomy. Archives of Natural History, 50, 101-117. https://doi.org/10.3366/anh.2023.0831ABSTRACT: The United States Exploring Expedition of 1838–1842, in some ways, represents the
beginning of American marine mammal biology. The expedition returned home with information on at least
twelve marine mammal specimens (mostly small cetaceans or pinnipeds), seven of which were considered
new species at the time. Commanded by Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, the expedition covered over 80,000
miles, surveyed new waters and lands, and brought back thousands of scientific specimens. Official
publications of the expedition by Titian Peale and John Cassin cover the birds and mammals collected. The
squadron’s publications, and the journals of its officers and scientists also contain a good deal of information
about sightings of marine mammals. Of particular interest were whaling operations and grounds, and the
expedition did much to help expand the whaling prospects of the United States around the globe, with a
focus on the South Pacific islands. Though largely forgotten today, the “U. S. Ex. Ex.” played an important
early role in establishing American influence in marine mammal biology and global whaling operations.  

  PDFs can be purchased online, or requested from me (sclymene at aol.com).Tom Jefferson
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