[MARMAM] New publication on response of cetaceans to changes in prey availability and environmental conditions

Andrea Fariñas Bermejo afarinas at iim.csic.es
Fri Jun 16 08:07:59 PDT 2023

Dear Marine Mammal community,
We are pleased to share with you this publication on the "Response of 
cetaceans to fluctuations of pelagic fish stocks and environmental 
conditions within the Celtic Sea ecosystem": https://t.co/oxpPUKnYC8

The Celtic Sea herring stock has declined drastically since 2013 and has 
not yet recovered. This situation has led to concerns about the possible 
implications on herring predators, such as cetaceans. In this study we 
investigate the spatio-temporal patterns of the ecosystem conditions and 
the relative abundance and distribution of cetaceans and prey species. 
We also modelled the response of cetaceans (common dolphins, fin, minke, 
humpback and unidentified whale species) to fluctuations of prey 
(herring and sprat) and environmental conditions (SST, CHL, PAR, ZEU and 
their variation).

If the topic has caught your attention, check out the article for more 
information! And last but not least, please feel free to contact me if 
your interest goes beyond the paper. Any comments you would like to 
share with me are more than welcome!

Best wishes,

Andrea Fariñas-Bermejo

PhD student
Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas (IIM-CSIC)
Vigo, Spain

Contact: afarinas at iim.csic.es
Twitter: @_andrea_fb
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