[MARMAM] New publication on plastic lure ingestion by rough-toothed dolphin in Cyprus

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We would like to inform you that the new paper on plastic lure ingestion by
rough-toothed dolphin in Cyprus has been published in the J. Black
Sea/Mediterranean Environment.


Çanakcı, T., Özden, Ö., Fuller, W., Erkol, I.L., Tonay, A.M. 2023. Plastic
lure ingestion by rough-toothed dolphin Steno bredanensis stranded on the
northern coast of Cyprus. J. Black Sea/Mediterranean Environment 29(1):





Information on the distribution of the rough-toothed dolphin, Steno
bredanensis (G. Cuvier in Lesson, 1828), in the Mediterranean Basin is
limited but has been reported as a regular species, likely to occur
throughout the offshore waters of the Ionian/Levantine areas. This study
reported plastic lures from the stomach content of a stranded individual in
Sadrazamköy (Livera) on the northern coast of Cyprus. 


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