[MARMAM] New publication on Injuries and Skin Lesions in Sousa chinensis

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Mon Jun 12 02:04:04 PDT 2023

 Dear colleagues,
My co-authors and I are pleased to announce the publication of the article
entitled "Injuries and skin condition of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (*Sousa
chinensis*) in the northern South China Sea". The link to the article and
abstract can be found below and interested people are invited to send me an
email to request PDF copies.

Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (*Sousa chinensis*) inhabiting the Chinese
coastline of the northern South China Sea are subject to intense human
activity. To investigate potential impacts to dolphins, photographs taken
from 2010 to 2021 in five different locations were analyzed. Among
individual dolphins (*N* = 1,159), 10.6% presented human-induced injuries.
Adults were more frequently injured than young dolphins, and individuals
from around Jiangmen, Hainan, and Sanniang Bay presented the highest injury
prevalence. More research should be conducted in areas that have been
subject to less research, such as Jiangmen and Hainan, and the dolphin
watching activities occurring in Sanniang Bay should be monitored and
regulated. Forty-seven percent of dolphins presented skin conditions, with
orange patches being the most frequent (41.5%). Orange patches and
hyper-pigmented pink spots were significantly less prevalent in summer and
fall than in winter and spring. Orange patches were less frequent in
females than in males, as well as with calves relative to older age
classes. Seasonal patterns may be linked to water temperatures, while
demographic patterns may be associated with immune defenses. These findings
allow for a better understanding of the potential impact of human
activities on Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and should inform further
conservation measures.


Best wishes

Agathe Serres, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral researcher
Institute of Deep Sea Science and Engineering, Sanya, China
agathe.serres11 at gmail.com
*agathe at idsse.ac.cn <agathe at idsse.ac.cn>*
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