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Dear MARMAM Community,

The Marine Mammal Twining, part of the EU-funded Ocean Governance, has
designed and created a toolkit for the inclusion of marine mammals into
MPAs. The aim of the Toolkit is to help build the technical capacities of
MPA managers by sharing knowledge, expertise, and good practices.

To guide effective management of marine mammals, and support MPA managers,
the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit contains four key components:
Factsheets; Self-Assessment Tool (SAT); Good Practices, and a Community of

In April 2023 the twinning launched its 4th core component, the Community
of Practice. This builds up, and supports, the other three components: the
Factsheets that provide critical resources and information to MPA
practitioners, G <https://marine-mammals.info/good-practices/>ood Practices,
 and the Self-Assessment Tool which enables MPA managers to understand and
adapt the level of protection given to marine mammals. Our Factsheets are
designed to support those involved in the integration of marine mammals to
their MPA management plans. The Factsheets cover 5 main themes: Management
Frameworks, Addressing the Activities and Threats, Research and Monitoring,
Outreach and Engagement and Management Effectiveness.

Each Factsheet contains an introduction to the issue, provides information
and guidance on how to manage the problem, including conservation
guidelines, as well as additional resources and relevant news
articles. Our Community
of Practice brings together MPA practitioners from around the world with
the common goal of ensuring that marine mammals are effectively managed
within marine policy frameworks. The Community of Practice is open to all,
from local and small MPAs, to managers of large international transboundary
MPAs, as well as those in the planning and pre-establishment phase. By
joining, members can identify and network with fellow MPA and marine mammal
experts, share good practices, lessons learnt and exchange knowledge whilst
sharing technical resources and obtaining support and guidance from
mentors, ultimately supporting the effective management and conservation of
marine mammals, mitigating threats, and protecting biodiversity.

In 2022, a need was recognised to develop a reduced version of the already
established Self-Assessment Tool, which is how the SAT-LITE was developed.
The SAT-LITE bridges the gap between continuous monitoring and needing to
quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of an MPA’s management
plan. The SAT-LITE is available as an Excel document, and downloadable in

To learn more about the Marine Mammal Twinning or to access the Marine
Mammal Management Toolkit and SAT-LITE version, please visit
www.marine-mammals.info <https://marine-mammals.info/>.

Self-Assessment Tool: https://marine-mammals.info/self-assessment-tool/

Factsheets: https://marine-mammals.info/factsheets/

Good practices: https://marine-mammals.info/good-practices/

Community of Practice: https://marine-mammals.info/community-of-practice/

Ocean Governance: https://oceangovernance4mpas.eu

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the Toolkit
please get in touch with Fiona Dyrhauge, Project Officer for the Marine
Mammal Twinning – ocean-governance at biodiv-conseil.fr

Fiona Dyrhauge
*Project Officer *

*Marine Mammal Twinning: *www.marine-mammals.info

*Ocean Governance - Protecting and restoring marine ecosystems, catalysts
for building peace and security and fostering sustainable economies, South
Asia and Atlantic Ocean basin*


Join our *Community of Practice* here.
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