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We are announcing five vacancies in the NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional
Office. The announcement will be open for *14 days*, from* 07/27/23 *to
*08/10/23*. Job Announcement (NMFS-SERO-23-12046185-DHA):

*Below are descriptions of the two vacancies in the Marine Mammal Branch:*

   - One Natural Resource Specialist “Marine Mammal Biologist” will
   preferably be located in St. Petersburg, FL.  This position will assist
   with implementing all aspects of the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA)
   and Endangered Species Act (ESA) for endangered marine mammals with an
   emphasis on fishery bycatch and other human impacts.  Tasks include
   coordinating logistics and implementing Take Reduction Teams (TRTs) (e.g.,
   Bottlenose Dolphin TRT and Pelagic Longline TRT); preparing and reviewing
   regulatory and non-regulatory documents (e.g., proposed and final rules,
   public comments, NEPA, research reports, stock assessments, etc..);
   conducting analyses to better understand impacts of human impacts on marine
   mammals (e.g., statistical analyses, strandings data); implementing the
   Marine Mammal Authorization Program; facilitating partnerships with local,
   state, Federal and non-governmental organizations; providing technical
   assistance regarding how to mitigate harmful human impacts to marine
   mammals and implementing marine mammal conservation programs.

   - One Natural Resource Specialist “Project Manager” will preferably be
   located in Baton Rouge, LA. This position will work collaboratively with a
   diverse team of NOAA employees, contractors, and state personnel to oversee
   successful implementation of a 15+ year project portfolio in Barataria
   Basin, LA. Initial tasks include overseeing the design and initiation of a
   pre-operations bottlenose dolphin monitoring program; facilitating
   coordination and communication among multiple internal and external groups;
   supporting the drafting and execution of contracts for monitoring and field
   work implementation; and building the state and federal relationships
   necessary to initiate and effectively execute the portfolio of Barataria
   Bay bottlenose dolphin work.

Please circulate to qualified candidates who might be interested in joining
our outstanding team and making important contributions to natural resource


SERO Marine Mammal Branch Chief – Laura Engleby


*Below is the description of the other three vacancies: *

Three Natural Resource Specialists will primarily serve as Endangered
Species Act Section 7 Biologists in either the Coral Conservation Branch or
the Interagency Coordination Branch.  These positions will preferably be
located in St. Petersburg, FL or West Palm Beach, FL. Tasks will include
participating in all aspects of ESA Section 7 consultations, including
writing biological opinions and letters of concurrence, providing technical
assistance to action agencies, recommending opportunities to minimize
impacts to protected species and critical habitat, and contributing to
opportunities to achieve efficiencies in the Section 7 process.


SERO Protected Resources Division-- Jennifer Schull and Kelly Shotts
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