[MARMAM] Visit the Revitalized Aquatic Mammals website!

Kathleen Dudzinski kdudzinski at dolphincommunicationproject.org
Thu Jul 27 16:12:55 PDT 2023

Aquatic Mammals journal has a new website!

Visit www.aquaticmammalsjournal.org <https://www.aquaticmammalsjournal.org/> to see our refreshed and updated website for yourself! 

50 years is a LOT to offer in one location but it’s all there!
The same peer-reviewed content is still available on our website and in mostly the same places. 

A link to published articles in the current issue is available on the home page and also on the Issues page (see Volume 49).
You’ll find current and back volumes and issues under the “Issues” menu option at the top of each page. 

Hard copies of current and past issues and volumes are available for purchase through the website via “Hardcopy" under the Issues menu.

Subscribers can login via the “Login” button at the upper left of any web page. 
Once logged in, subscribers can download any of the articles of interest from each article content screen … check out the various issues to see the different article titles.
Once logged in, subscribers can also view any of the Historical Perspectives (HP) interviewee clips from any of the 100+ contributors to the HP series. 
We now have an exciting dropdown menu for viewing all HP clips per year whether you are logged in or not. 
I believe once you see that roster, you’ll want to subscribe!

Happy Reading!

Kathleen M. Dudzinski, Ph.D.
Editor, Aquatic Mammals
business at aquaticmammalsjournal.org

www.aquaticmammalsjournal.org <https://www.aquaticmammalsjournal.org/>

to submit a manuscript, visit our:
Manuscript Fast track web site at 

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