[MARMAM] Seeking Abstracts for an Underwater Acoustics Impacts Session at Ocean Sciences 2024

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Tue Jul 25 11:46:25 PDT 2023

Session on underwater acoustic impacts at Ocean Sciences 2024

Dear Colleagues:

The Center for Marine Acoustics within BOEM is hosting a session focused on underwater acoustic impacts at the upcoming Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024<https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001YhT03O9-KN7jyZjhrl9OphTHjqVFBSc_ebVPScIVHflUbCquQdkLWCWBVqcRRRcLBganjpArO-CwjVNSvUC4jmct1RxaXbIxcdW3YK0FOf7QXkE2ncRohduUwml1doTjJ83scEJCjOirWSQI5HKsIN9qr3N7xBe_MB1ANQxXQdk=&c=4s4nnRR4akDbZOF8zY9W0djg9unP6KHzVDyaAlL8UcYnh3XOkkRe1w==&ch=YvPJVOF2RAoTgBg2yWzXrZ6Dh-8qbOWfqg1OQxizKCtpVH9_QILpwA==>, which will take place on February 18-23 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The session title and description are below. We will be very pleased to receive abstracts on all relevant topics. The abstract deadline is September 13, 2023.

Session Title: OT021: Underwater Acoustic Impacts: BOEM's Past, Present, and Future Efforts to Address the Issues

Topic Area: Ocean Technologies and Observatories

The link to this session can be found here: https://agu.confex.com/agu/OSM24/prelim.cgi/Session/195357


Morgan J. Martin, morgan.martin at boem.gov

Molly Reeve, molly.reeve at boem.gov

Marine acoustics issues have greatly increased in national and international significance over the last several decades. As a result, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) studies and environmental risk assessment work have expanded to consider a wider variety of marine species, such as marine mammals, turtles, fishes, and invertebrates, as well as anthropogenic sound sources. Understanding the science of marine acoustics and its policy applications requires highly specialized knowledge and experience in physics and bioacoustics (how animals use and are affected by sound). To answer the call, BOEM launched the Center for Marine Acoustics (CMA) in 2020 to build its expertise, strengthening the Bureau’s role in managing and understanding underwater sound. The CMA provides expertise and leadership to drive best practices, expand research on underwater sound, seek policy improvements, and improve messaging related to marine acoustic issues. This session is hosted by the CMA and invites presentations on research and development into the application of underwater acoustic monitoring, measurements, and noise mitigation. Topics may include but are not limited to passive acoustic monitoring (PAM), animal-borne bio-logging tags, soundscape ecology, noise mitigation tools, and developing guidance and regulations toward underwater noise management.

Please feel free to contact us at the above email addresses if you have any questions.

Morgan Martin
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