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Dear members,

The SOS Dolfijn Foundation in the Netherlands is a non-profit organization which is devoted to protect and conserve wild populations of porpoises and other whale species in their natural habitat. One the main activities of the organization is to offer help to cetaceans in emergency situations. In the southern part of the North Sea the harbour porpoise is the most common species and therefore the species that SOS Dolfijn is most focused on. When porpoises or other small cetaceans are found sick or wounded stranded on the beach, the SOS Dolfijn Foundation takes care of these animals and rehabilitates them with the aim to bring them back to sea. Besides the rescue and rehabilitation the organization is focused on education and scientific research.

Most strandings of harbour porpoises often occur in the period January until April. Rehabilitation general takes 3-6 months before animals are completely recovered and able to be brought back to sea. SOS Dolfijn has positions available for volunteer work and internships. The organization cannot offer any financial compensation. We can help in organizing room rentals and offer an intern learning program.

Volunteers and interns become members of the SOS Dolfijn rescue team. In the first period of the rehabilitation new patients are often too sick or too weak to even swim or float by themselves. In this period the animals are supported in the water by members of the team and volunteers. Every animal has its own medical file where everything is noted in (breathing rates, behaviour, faeces, etcetera) so light administration work is part of the tasks. Assisting in preparing the feedings also. As off course cleaning of the facilities. Since new persons first get a period of training, the minimum period for an internship is 4 weeks and volunteer work require a weekly availability for the stranding season.


  *   You are willing and able to work day-, evening as well- as nightshifts.
  *   You are physical capable to do the tasks (cleaning, getting in and out of the pools by yourself, wearing dry-and wetsuit)
  *   You don't have any condition which can create any danger to yourself, the animals or other team members while working with the animals in the water or the surrounding areas. For example: epilepsy, whiplash, disturbance of equilibrium,......
  *   You are ok with being in cold water
  *   Minimum age is 18 years old
  *   Minimal body length of 160 cm, considering the water level of the pools

For more information check out the website: https://www.sosdolfijn.nl/help-mee/vacatures and https://www.sosdolfijn.nl/english
To apply please send your letter of motivation including an overview of relevant work experience to info at sosdolfijn.nl<mailto:info at sosdolfijn.nl>

Kind regards,

Annemarie van den Berg

SOS Dolfijn Foundation
Van Ewijckskade 1
1761 JA Anna Paulowna
Phone.: +31-646656601 (general number)
Phone.: +31-223532542 (rehab center)
Email: Annemarie.van.den.Berg at sosdolfijn.nl<mailto:Annemarie.van.den.Berg at sosdolfijn.nl>


Rescue, Research and Conservation
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