[MARMAM] model of dugong/manatee

Claire GARRIGUE claire.garrigue at ird.fr
Mon Jul 24 17:34:18 PDT 2023

Dear Marmam,

I am looking to buy a dugong model that can be opened to see the 
positioning of the organs as it exists for other species such as 
dolphins for example. We are looking for this type of material in order 
to use it mainly for the training of veterinarians for necropsies of 

According to the research that we have currently conducted with certain 
manufacturers in France, it seems that an exterior model exists but no 
one seems to be making an 'interior' model.

If someone can provide me with contacts of companies that manufacture 
this type of equipment I would be grateful because I do not know where 
to go.

Thank you in advance

Dr Claire Garrigue
UMR ENTROPIE - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
101 Promenade Gabriel Laroque
98848 Nouméa Cedex
Phone: +687 829560

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