[MARMAM] New publication: Whistle characterization of long-beaked common dolphins in the Gulf of California

Simone Antichi santichi_20 at alu.uabcs.mx
Sun Jul 23 05:18:21 PDT 2023

Dear MARMAM community,
My co-authors and I are very pleased to announce the publication of our new
paper in Peerj journal.

Carlón-Beltrán Ó, Viloria-Gómora L, Urbán R. J, Martínez-Aguilar S, Antichi
S. 2023. Whistle characterization of long-beaked common dolphin (*Delphinus
delphis* *bairdii*) in La Paz Bay, Gulf of California. PeerJ 11:e15687.

Long-beaked common dolphin (*Delphinus delphis bairdii*) distribution is
limited to the Eastern North Pacific Ocean. Its whistle repertoire is
poorly investigated, with no studies in the Gulf of California. The aim of
the present study is to characterize the whistles of this species and
compare their parameters with different populations. Acoustic monitoring
was conducted in La Paz Bay, Gulf of California. Recordings were inspected
in spectrogram view in Raven Pro, selecting good quality whistles (n =
270). In the software Luscinia, contours were manually traced to obtain
whistle frequencies and duration. Number of steps, inflection points and
contour type were visually determined. We calculated the descriptive
statistics of the selected whistle parameters and we compared the results
with a dolphins population from the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Permutational
multivariate analysis of variance (PERMANOVA) was performed to test the
intraspecific variation of the whistle parameters among groups. In the
present study the mean values (± SD) of the whistle parameters were:
maximum frequency = 14.13 ± 3.71 kHz, minimum frequency = 8.44 ± 2.58 kHz
and duration = 0.44 ± 0.31 s. Whistles with the upsweep contour were the
most common ones (34.44%). The coefficient of variation (CV) values for
modulation parameters were high (>100%), in accordance with other studies
on dolphins. Whistle parameters showed significant differences among
groups. Finally, ending and maximum frequencies, duration and inflection
points of the whistles recorded in the present study were lower compared
with the parameters of the long-beaked common dolphins from the Eastern
Pacific Ocean. This study provides the first whistle characterization of
long-beaked common dolphin from the Gulf of California and it will help
future passive acoustic monitoring applications in the study area.

The paper is open access and can be downloaded at:

If you have any questions regarding our work please contact the email:
santichi_20 at alu.uabcs.mx , lviloria at uabcs.mx

Kind regards,
Simone Antichi
PhD candidate
Departamento de Ciencias Marinas y Costeras, Universidad Autónoma de Baja
California Sur, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
email: santichi_20 at alu.uabcs.mx
cell: +52 612 228 5196
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