[MARMAM] Prehistoric and historic exploitation of marine mammals in the Black Sea

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Thu Jul 20 13:41:59 PDT 2023

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to announce our new paper which can be of your interest.

Aiken, M., Gladilina, E., Çakırlar, C., Telizhenko, S., van den Hurk, Y.,
Bejenaru, L., Olsen, M.T. and Gol'din, P., 2023. Prehistoric and historic
exploitation of marine mammals in the Black Sea. *Quaternary Science
Reviews*, *314*, p.108210.

(open access)

The recent exploitation of marine species is relatively well documented and
understood in terms of impacts on species abundance, distribution, and
resource use. In contrast, ancient exploitation of marine mammals remains
poorly documented; in part, because a detailed meta-analysis of their
presence in the zooarchaeological record is lacking. This is true in the
Black Sea, where cetaceans are reported in the zooarchaeological record but
have not yet been studied comprehensively. Here, we synthesize all
available published and unpublished zooarchaeological data from 27 sites
around the Black Sea, dating from the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods
(6500-6000 BCE) to the Medieval period (641–1475 CE), to document the
extent and nature of the exploitation of the Black Sea cetacean species.
The results suggest that cetacean exploitation was practised continuously
in the Black Sea over a period of 8500 years from the Neolithic through to
the Medieval period. This suggests a much longer history of marine mammal
exploitation in the Black Sea than previously understood, pushing back the
timeline of human impacts on the Black Sea marine fauna.

All the best,
Pavel Gol'din
Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Kyiv, Ukraine
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