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Dear MARMAM Subscribers,
Happy Summer! 
The 4th issue of volume 49 (49.4) of Aquatic Mammals journal is available online and will be officially published on Saturday (15 July). 
Further information about the journal can be found at: http://www.aquaticmammalsjournal.org/
To submit a manuscript for publication consideration, please visit: http://am.expressacademic.org/actions/author.php
With regards,
Kathleen M. Dudzinski, Ph.D.
Editor, Aquatic Mammals Journal
business at aquaticmammalsjournal.org <mailto:business at aquaticmammalsjournal.org>

Articles with ** are open access:

Jing Sun, Fangting Lu, Baolin Liao, Baohua Xiao, Min Li, Linyun He, Ling Bai, and Bingyao Chen. (2023). A Young Eden’s Whale (Balaenoptera edeni edeni) Wandering in a Busy International Container Port. Aquatic Mammals, 49(4),321-328.
**David A. Waugh, Jennifer D. Sensor, John C. George, and J. G. M. Thewissen. (2023). Auditory Health of Bowhead Whales. Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 329-335.

**Don R. Bergfelt, Maria Vences, Meghan Smallcomb, Roberto Sanchez-Okrucky, and Rocio Canales. (2023). Circulating Concentrations of Cortisol Encompassing Controlled Cessation of Suckling During Weaning Under Managed Care in Cow and Calf Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 336-346.

Shannia Iskandar, Julia Adelsheim, and David A. S. Rosen. (2023). The Effects of Age and Sex on the Energy Intake of Captive Sea Otters (Enhydra lutris): Implications for Captive Management and Species Conservation. Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 347-355.
Wojtek Bachara, Mika Kuroda, Shin Nishida, Hajime Ishikawa, and Takashi Fritz Matsuishi. (2023). Northernmost Record of the Ginkgo-Toothed Beaked Whale (Mesoplodon ginkgodens). Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 356-365.
**Thomas A. Jefferson, Mari A. Smultea, and Eric J. Ward. (2023). Distribution and Abundance of California (Zalophus californianus) and Steller (Eumetopias jubatus) Sea Lions in the Inshore Waters of Washington, 2013-2016. Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 366-381.
**Cristina Castro, Marcia H. Engel, and Anthony R. Martin. (2023). First Humpback Whale Movement Between Ecuador and the South Sandwich Islands: Redefines the Easternmost Migration Point of Breeding Stock G. Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 382-387.
Victoria Luong, Kevin L. Woo, Kristy L. Biolsi, Bjoern Kils, and Preethi Radhakrishnan. (2023). Directional Orientation of Harbor (Phoca vitulina) and Gray (Halichoerus grypus) Seals at Haul-out Locations in New York City. Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 388-394.
Alexandra M. McGowan, Jennifer M. Seddon, Janet M. Lanyon, Nicholas Clark, and Justine S. Gibson. (2023). Identification of Antimicrobial Resistance in Faecal Microbes from Wild Dugongs (Dugong dugon). Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 395-405
**MaryEllen Mateleska. (2023). Book Review: We Are All Whalers: The Plight of Whales and Our Responsibility. Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 406.
**Martin Böye. (2023). Letter to the Editor: EAAM Symposium: Marine Mammals in Need: Let People Know that We Are Part of the Solution. Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 407-408.
**Kathleen Dezio. (2023). Letter to the Editor: 2023 AMMPA Annual Meeting. Aquatic Mammals, 49(4), 409-410.

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