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Dear All,

This is a follow up on a previous announcement of several new thematic
Research Topic collections that are currently being considered in the
journal Frontiers in Marine Science.

Many thanks for the considerable interest received thus far.  Based on the
suggestions and enquiries received, the number of topics under
consideration has been expanded and some of the previously indicated topics
have been slightly modified; please see below.

Topic 1: Conservation ecology of marine mammals in southeast Asia and
western Pacific

Topic 2: Behavioural ecology of island-associated cetaceans

Topic 3: Population processes of apex marine predators: ecology, demography
and behaviour

Topic 4: Conservation ecology of marine mammals in coastal seas of
sub-Saharan Africa

The intended host section of the journal is “Marine Megafauna”, but the
topics will be cross-listed with multiple other sections, such as “Marine
Conservation and Sustainability”, “Marine Biology”, and “Marine
Evolutionary Biology, Biogeography and Species Diversity”.

At this early stage, we welcome expressions of interest so that we can
prioritise topics that are currently under consideration and potentially
suggest new ones. We would like to hear from anyone interested in
contributing a manuscript to any of the above topics. Please send us (i)
your tentative title, (ii) email address of the lead or corresponding
author, (iii) indicate which topic you are interested in participating, and
(iv) an approximate time when you may want to submit your manuscript.
Please note, the expressions of interest are not a commitment but simply an
indication of interest which may or may not result with a manuscript

Anyone interested, please contact us at: FrontiersMarSci.MarMam at gmail.com

Note please that as Frontiers is an Open Access platform, standard
manuscript processing fee will apply to all accepted articles.

Thank you all in advance for your interest.

Bill Richards

Assistant to Guest Editorial Team
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