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Dear MARMAM members,

I am pleased to announce an exciting research opportunity in the study of
cetacean population dynamics in the Alboran Sea, Strait of Gibraltar, and
Gulf of Cadiz as part of CIRCE's research programs. We are seeking highly
motivated and enthusiastic students to join our team and participate in
this thrilling project.

Project Description:

Research Topic: Study of cetacean population dynamics in the Alboran Sea,
Strait of Gibraltar, and Gulf of Cadiz.
Species of Interest: Pilot whales, orcas, common bottlenose dolphins, and
sperm whales.
Project Objectives: Investigate and understand the distribution, abundance,
migration, and behavior of these species in the mentioned region.
Location: At CIRCE's facilities (Conservation, Information, and Research on
Cetaceans, circe.info).
Duration: The program has already begun and will run until December 2023.
Priority will be given to students who can commit to a longer duration.
Stays of less than 3 weeks will not be considered. Students will be
incorporated as applications are received, up to a total of 4 students in
Methodology: Use of cetacean sighting techniques, photo-identification,
acoustic recording, data analysis, telemetry tracking, and population
Student Responsibilities: Participate in field research campaigns, collect
and analyze data, contribute to individual identification efforts,
collaborate in the analysis of behavior and migration patterns, and assist
in writing scientific reports.


Students enrolled in internships or master's degree programs in marine
biology, ecology, conservation, or related fields.
Previous experience in marine research or fieldwork.
Basic knowledge of cetacean sighting techniques, photo-identification, and
data analysis.
Ability to work in a team and adapt to challenging marine environments.
Availability to participate in research campaigns in the Alboran Sea,
Strait of Gibraltar, and Gulf of Cadiz during specific periods.
We Offer:

The opportunity to participate in a high-level research project with a
focus on iconic cetacean species.
Hands-on experience in the field of marine research and conservation.
Collaboration with experts in cetacean studies and the opportunity to
contribute to the protection of these species.
Possibility to develop skills in cetacean sighting techniques,
photo-identification, data analysis, and population modeling.
Letters of recommendation and networking opportunities in the field of
marine research.
The project will cover accommodation expenses, and no fees are required.
Participants will be responsible for their own meals. CIRCE provides
accommodation at its facilities, which include offices and a
250-square-meter house, as well as access to cooking facilities, etc.
Embarkation costs will also be covered by CIRCE.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity and would like to obtain
more information, please send an email to [inma at circe.info], attaching the
following documents:

Updated CV.
Cover letter stating your interest in the project, relevant experience, and
motivations for participation.
We appreciate your interest in this research opportunity. If you know
anyone who might be interested in this project, we kindly ask you to share
this information with them.

We look forward to receiving your application and working together on the
study of cetacean population dynamics in the Alboran Sea, Strait of
Gibraltar, and Gulf of Cadiz!

Best regards,
Inmaculada Rivas García

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