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Greetings MARMAM Colleagues,

As the accumulation of data for research, monitoring and mitigation of
marine mammals has increased dramatically in recent years, so too has the
need for analytical tools and methods to efficiently extract meaningful
data products from this information. Passive acoustic data is a
well-established tool used to study marine mammals, often resulting in
months of data that can be tedious to review for vocal activity from a
range of species. Additionally, collection of marine mammal observations
and associated environmental data requires programmatic approaches to data
management, analysis, and visualization.

Ocean Science Analytics addresses the need for efficient processing of
marine mammal data via our online technical training courses, *PAM: Large
Acoustic Datasets* and *R for Ocean Science Data Analysis*. The next
training session occurs in May and will be the last of the 2023
spring/early summer period (with the next sessions occurring in August
(PAM) and September (R) of this year). Each course is accredited by the
Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST
and is offered in an online, flexible format. Courses include a combination
of guided videos, instructional materials, and scaffolded activities
intended to provide you with a hands-on software experience.

*PAM: Large Dataset Analysis*: Passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) is
commonly used to support biological monitoring and mitigation in marine
environments. Reductions in the cost of equipment and data storage lead to
the collection of huge volumes of data. Additionally with the recent push
in offshore wind development, passive acoustic monitoring informs temporal
distribution of marine mammals and can assist in documenting vocal
behavioral response within lease areas. This course provides acousticians
with a workflow for processing data using a combination of PAMGuard and
acoustic packages based in R programming language.

*R for Ocean Science Data Analysis**:*  Marine mammal observation data
(visual or acoustic) is frequently evaluated in association with
environmental data. Understanding the relationship between marine mammals
and environmental conditions serving a wide range of purposes from
evaluating the effects of climate change on cetaceans to establishing
marine protected areas. With the procurement of large datasets comes the
need for efficient and effective data management and processing tools. R
programming language is a free, open-source tool that can be used for a
wide range of ocean science data needs, including data wrangling,
visualization, and analysis. This course provides participants with a
context-specific background to R using oceanographic data throughout the
course materials. This course is designed for novice R learners interested
in developing intermediate skills in ocean science data analysis.

Details regarding each of the courses, including a list of course topics
and registration can be found on Technical Training
<https://www.oceanscienceanalytics.com/technical-training> page.

For the May 2023 training session, we will be offering both courses, but *SPACE
IS LIMITED* as these courses involve our support and feedback! Register
today to secure your space by visiting the course page you are interested
in. You can join any day in the month of May and receive 30 days of access
from the time of purchase.

Ocean Science Analytics (OSA) is an ocean science research and online
technical training company headquartered in San Diego, CA. We use our
expertise in technology-based analytical methods and software tools to
monitor and assess oceanic and coastal ecosystems for conservation and
management purposes and provide technology-centered training to a broad
audience. We are excited to partner with Jennifer Pettis Schallert of BioSci
<https://www.biosci.science/> to bring you the R for Ocean Science Data
Analysis course!

For questions or more information, feel free to contact Liz Ferguson via
eferguson at oceanscienceanalytics.com.

Liz Ferguson
*CEO and Founder*
*Ocean Science Analytics*
*www.oceanscienceanalytics.com <http://www.oceanscienceanalytics.com>*
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