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We would like to share our new paper, "Blood crossmatching patterns in a
population of killer whales (*Orcinus orca*) in managed care",
published in *Marine
Mammal Science.*

Citation: Nollens, H. H., Teman, S. J., Burgess, R. L., St. Leger, J. A., &
Schmitt, T. L. (2023). Blood crossmatching patterns in a population of
killer whales (*Orcinus orca*) in managed care. *Marine Mammal Science. *

Blood crossmatching is necessary to determine transfusion compatibility
between individuals, especially for species for which blood groups have not
yet been defined, such as the killer whale (*Orcinus orca*). This study
evaluated methodology for crossmatching in killer whales from a managed
care population using individuals of known lineages. Twenty killer whales
were evaluated for major or minor crossmatch incompatibilities, determined
by evidence of macro-agglutination. Crossmatching incompatibilities were
rarely observed, both when considering 1+ reactions as incompatibilities
(~15%; 59/400 pairings with 1+ to 4+) and when omitting 1+ reactions (6%;
24/400 pairings with 2+ to 4+). A universal red blood cell donor within
this population (whale T) and universal recipients of red blood cells
within this population (whales E, M, O, P, R, S) were identified.
Relationships were examined between the most common major crossmatch
phenotypes and maternal or paternal lineages. Since these whales have not
been previously transfused, the diversity of crossmatch reactions could
indicate the presence and diversity of preexisting alloantibodies in killer
whale plasma. This study highlights the clinical value of applying a
personalized medicine approach to a managed care population.

If you would like to request a PDF please email steman at uw.edu.

Sarah Teman
MS Student
Laidre Lab - University of Washington
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