[MARMAM] Need help finding an obscure paper

Thomas Jefferson sclymene at aol.com
Mon Apr 10 10:15:07 PDT 2023

Dear MARMAM,  I need help finding an obscure paper:

Lahille, F. (1905). Las ballenas de nuestros mares, sus costumbres y aprovechamiento. Revista del Jardin Zoologico, Buenos Aires, 1 (Epoca 2), 28-82. 

Please note that there is another paper by the same author, but from 1903, with a similar title (Las ballenas de nuestros mares. I. Sus costumbres y su aprovechamiento).  But, they are different papers in two different journals, published two years apart.  The one that I am having trouble finding is the 1905 paper in Revista del Jardin Zoologico, Buenos Aires.  Any help in finding a copy of this paper would be greatly appreciated.
Best wishes,Thomas A. Jefferson, Ph.D.
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