[MARMAM] PhD/Postdoc PhD-Course on Oceanographic Processes in the North Atlantic Ocean, August

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Dear all,

In August 2023, an International Advanced PhD course on Ecologically relevant oceanographic processes in the Northeastern Atlantic will be held in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands: https://www.gransking.fo/en/resources/calendar/phd-course-on-oceanographic-processes-in-the-north-atlantic-ocean

The course will be held in the period 21 August – 1 September 2023 by the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Faroe Marine Research Institute. Registration deadline 29 May. The course is for Ph.D. students and recent postdocs. PhD students and Postdocs associated with the program Marine Research In the North Atlantic Ocean (see gransking.fo<https://www.gransking.fo/en/funding-programmes/marine-research-in-the-north-atlantic-ocean>) will be prioritized.
Please submit your application and the registration form to the Research Enterprise Unit at the University (email: reu at setur.fo) by 29 May 2023. Read more on the requirements here<https://setur.cdn.fo/media/9141/instructions_phd-course-in-climate-and-ecosystems.pdf?s=BadI9aT0rbQoDb31eg3th0lvtLg>: https://setur.cdn.fo/media/9141/instructions_phd-course-in-climate-and-ecosystems.pdf?s=BadI9aT0rbQoDb31eg3th0lvtLg

This Advanced Course provides a thorough introduction to the oceanography of the Northeastern Atlantic, with emphasis on physical drivers of ecological processes, and focus on the waters off and on the Faroe shelf. Marine mammals in this region will also be looked into and more specifically their relationship with their environment and oceanographic processes.

Through lectures, hands-on work onboard the new research vessel, R/V Jákup Sverri, and assessment of scientific literature and data, a team of ~ 13 prominent lecturers will cover key oceanographic features in the Northeastern Atlantic (e.g. thermohaline circulation, gyre circulation systems, principal atmospheric drivers, nutrient upwelling and ocean-shelf interactions) and how changes in this system impact ecologically important species from all trophic levels. After the course, you will be able to i) describe the characteristics of main biogeographical zones in the subpolar North Atlantic, ii) extract, process and analyse data from physical oceanographic models and iii) discuss your research topic in both a climate variability (natural) and in a climate change (anthropogenic) perspective.

Course Description: Here<https://setur.cdn.fo/media/9145/4105-23_ecologically-relevant-oceanographic-processes-in-the-northeastern-atlantic_course-description.pdf?s=2VPT2EYXK0oEmBK0SdS6OFbUViI>
Contact: Hjálmar Hátún, hjalmarh at hav.fo
Cost: 3,000 DKK
Application Form: Here<https://setur.cdn.fo/media/9140/4105-23_ecologically-relevant-oceanographic-processes-in-the-northeastern-atlantic_reg-form.pdf?s=BLBgre-EON0VmYj1IycTcjyExvY>

We look forward to welcoming international researchers to our Faroese Marine Research Institute!
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